There are some things that really make a difference when you are navigating through those first few months as a parent. Anything that makes caring for your little one easier is a win! I know adjusting to life with a newborn can be difficult so I want to share the best baby products that helped me through it.

Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play-  This is an item you will see on every mom’s list and there is a reason it is at the top of mine. Sleep is something that is priceless when your baby is born and this automatic rocker can help! It rocks your baby to sleep so you can take a break! Artie took all of his daytime naps in this Rock ‘n Play so I could keep him downstairs with me. I swear he slept better in this than in his bassinet! This one even has Bluetooth so you can turn on the rocker or music without disturbing your baby. 


Chicco PlayardI love the Chicco Playard because it grows with your baby. It has a changing station, bassinet, and playpen. I used it in our living room at first since Artie’s changing table was upstairs in his nursery. Once he grew out of his bassinet we used this one until he was ready to move to his crib. The playard bassinet is much larger than a standard bassinet. Now the playard is back in the living room so Artie can use the playpen! All options are SO EASY to assemble and disassemble for traveling.









Boppy PillowThis pillow is the perfect shape and size to provide comfort for you and your baby. I used it around my waist for nursing and continue to use it to prop my arm for bottle feeding. Artie loves it too! 

Dr. Brown’s Microwave Bottle Sterilizer– I love Dr. Brown’s bottles and this sterilizer really gave me peace of mind. It is so easy to use! Just fill it up, add water, and microwave for 5 minutes! You can never be too clean when you have a newborn! 

Halo Swivel Sleeper– I really liked this bassinet because of it’s special features. First, the swivel was SUPER helpful during the first few weeks while I was recovering from my C-section. It made caring for my new baby from bed much easier. Second, Artie loved the vibration and music, which helped him fall asleep faster. It also has a convenient nightlight included for those middle of the night feedings. One downside is this bassinet is a little big for a tiny newborn but I stumbled upon this insert once Artie had already grown out of it. I think it would have helped him feel more comfortable during those first few weeks.

Chicco Bravo Travel System This travel system has everything you need for a newborn. The carrier snaps into the car-seat as well as the stroller so you can move your sleeping baby without disturbing them. Once your baby grows out of the carrier, you can use the forward facing option on the stroller.














Fisher-Price Monkey Bouncer–  Babies love bouncers! What makes this one different, in addition to the music and vibration features, is the hanging toys. You can remove them for when you want your baby to bounce himself to sleep but Artie loved watching and smiling at them. They definitely helped keep him entertained while I was doing chores around the house!

Project Nursery Noise Machine with Night Light– This noise machine is perfect for our jungle themed nursery. It is cute but also comes with several great sounds and a nightlight! The lullabies help Artie fall asleep and the white noise helps him stay asleep!

Bright Starts 5-in-1 Ball Play Activity Gym – Artie started enjoying this activity gym at two months old and grew to love it as he became more mobile. This is another item that grows with baby; we now use it as a ball pit and removed the hanging toys so Artie can play with them on his play-mat. It is TRULY 5-in-1!









Munchkin Bottle Warmer/Cooler– If your bedroom is upstairs and you are bottle feeding this is exactly what you need for those long, restless nights. Just pack your cooler with two bottles and warm them up when you need them!

I used and really loved all of these and believe they are the best baby products! They helped me through the newborn phase and I hope they help you too!

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