10 MUST READ Articles for New Moms!

Congratulations on becoming a new mom!!! I think we will all agree that you can never be too prepared for those first few months with your little one! These ten must read articles for new moms will tell you all of the tips, tricks, and advice you need to get ready for your new arrival! It is the COMPLETE new mom survival guide!


1. How to Survive the First Six Weeks With Your Newborn

I am not going to lie, for me, those first six weeks with my newborn were HARD! I wasn’t getting any sleep, my hormones were all out of whack, and I was adjusting to being responsible for another life for the very first time. I was prepared for the lack of sleep but I was shocked by the emotional roller coaster that followed after childbirth. I have never been so happy, and yet so sad at the same time! Here are some things that helped me survive those first weeks. I hope they help you through the first six weeks with your newborn too! My list of must read articles for new moms would not be complete without this post!












2.  10 Things I Always Keep in My Diaper Bag

I am very ashamed to admit that I didn’t take Artie’s diaper bag on our first trip to the pediatrician, (when I say I was clueless I really mean it!) and OF COURSE he had a dirty diaper in the doctors office. Since that embarrassing experience I always make sure to leave the house with everything we need. As a new mom you never know what will happen so it is important to be prepared for anything! Here are the 10 things I always keep in my diaper bag so I never have to worry.













3.  What to Do When Your Newborn Cries

There is no worse feeling than seeing your newborn cry and not knowing what to do. If only they could tell you what was wrong! When I became a mom I was clueless, I had never even changed a diaper! There was definitely a learning curve but it didn’t take long for me to figure out what to do when my newborn cries.









4. New Mom Tips And Tricks

Adjusting to life as a new mom is tough! Anything that makes life with a newborn easier is a win! Here are a few new mom tips and tricks I picked up along the way that helped me care for my little one. These are all things I learned on my own or from other moms. I hope this list will make the first few months with your baby easier too! My list of must read articles for new moms would not be complete without this post!













5. 5 Things I Started Doing When I Became A Mom

Having a baby literally changes EVERYTHING! Artie is ten months old and I feel like I have already become an entirely different person. The change has definitely been for the better! Becoming a mom has completely changed how I see the world, and as a result, I have become the mother my son deserves. I absolutely love being Artie’s mom and I am so happy to be the person I am today. Having a child forces you to grow up and start doing things that you never considered before. I am excited to share the 5 things I started doing when I became a mom.




6. How I Taught My Baby to Sleep Through the Night

When Artie started sleeping through the night I finally felt like myself again. You aren’t functioning properly when you are only getting two or three hours of sleep at a time, so sleep training is a GAME CHANGER for new moms. There are so many methods for sleep training, from no cry to cry it out, so I recommend doing as much research as possible to decide which method is right for you. I am so excited to share what worked for me and Artie and hope that it will help you and your baby finally get some sleep!













7. The Best Baby Products For New Moms!

There are some things that really make a difference when you are navigating through those first few months as a parent. Anything that makes caring for your little one easier is a win! I know adjusting to life with a newborn can be difficult, so I want to share the items that I believe are the best baby products for new moms. My list of must read articles for new moms would not be complete without this post!












8. Opening a Savings Account for Your Baby: Everything You Need to Know!

When should I open the account? How much and how often should I make deposits? Where should I open the account? When will my child receive the savings? These are all questions you may ask yourself when you are considering opening a savings account for your baby. Although this may not be the first thing that comes to mind when your little one arrives, starting a savings account is one of the greatest things you can do NOW to open doors for your child’s future!



9. When Does Being A Mom Get Easier?

When does being a mom get easier? I remember Googling this a few weeks after Artie was born. I felt overwhelmed by diapers, tears, and hour long night feedings. I wasn’t sure what I had gotten myself into, or if I could handle the responsibility of being a mom. 11 months in, I am here to tell you it DOES get easier! And much sooner than you think!












10. Your Baby’s First Year: What To Expect

This article will let you know what to expect during your baby’s first year, including all of the ups and downs! From getting to know your baby during those first few weeks to counting down the last days before your baby’s first birthday.









I hope you found everything you need on this new mom survival guide! Check out ArtiesMom.com for more new mom articles!















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