New Mom Tips and Tricks!

Becoming a mom is a HUGE adjustment. Anything that makes life with your newborn easier is a win! Here are a few new mom tips and tricks I picked up along the way that helped me care for my little one. These are all things I learned on my own or from other moms. I hope this list will make the first few months with your baby easier too!

1. Baby Monitor Band-Aid

I could not figure out why my baby monitor kept going dark. I finally realized that the nursery wasn’t too dark, but actually too bright. I put a band-aid on the light sensor and now I can always see my baby!

2. Do Chores with Baby

Take your baby’s bouncer around the house with you to get things done. Sit them in front of the kitchen or laundry room so they can learn while you work! Talk to them about what you are doing. You will be surprised by how easily your baby is entertained.

3.  Keep Toys on the Changing Table

If baby is fussy or squirmy during diaper changing, keep toys within arms reach to distract him. These toys are perfect for the changing table!








4. Gripe Water

Gripe Water is a miracle for gassy babies! If you have a newborn that cries and you aren’t sure why, ask your pediatrician if Gripe Water could help. It helps with colic, gas, and hiccups. Gripe Water works quickly and almost instantly relieved Artie’s gas pains. Always check with your pediatrician before giving your baby anything besides breast milk or formula!

5. Sing to Your Baby

Sometimes the only thing that soothes Artie is my voice (unfortunately for anyone else in the room!). This tip is especially useful in the car when I can’t reach him.

6. Use Your Keurig to Keep Bottles Warm

If your baby doesn’t finish his bottle right away, run your Keurig without the K-cup and put the bottle in the warm water. You can also use this to warm your bottles instead of boiling or microwaving.














7. Online Grocery Shopping

If you have a grocery store near you that does grocery pickup I definitely recommend using it! Having my groceries loaded into my car is much easier than taking my baby into the store. I also save money because I never make impulse purchases. You can even have your groceries delivered!

8. Tummy Time

If your baby loves tummy time try putting them down on a blanket next time they are crying. This trick cheered up Artie during many “witching hours”. It can also help push out gas that is stuck in your baby’s tummy.









9. Create The Perfect Sleep Environment

Nothing (except for your baby, of course) is more precious during this time than sleep! I use blackout curtains and this sound machine in Artie’s nursery to promote sleep. Don’t worry about baby being scared of the dark, they don’t know about monsters under the bed yet! Your baby’s crib should be free of any blankets, stuffed animals, or bumpers. A wearable blanket is a safe option for keeping your baby warm!

10. Do What Works for YOUR Baby

Pay attention to what your baby likes. What works for one baby may not work for another, but you know your baby better than anyone. Trust your instincts and enjoy this time with your baby!  You are only a new mom once!

Do you have more new mom tips and tricks? Let me know in the comments!



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