Baby Gifts on a Budget (All Items Under $20!)

Before I became a mom I loved to buy tiny, baby shoes as shower gifts. They’re just so cute! Little did I know, babies don’t actually wear shoes… Now that I’m a mom I understand what new moms really need! Here I have listed the best baby gifts on a budget!

1. Hats– Babies may not wear shoes, but they do wear hats! This hat is great protection for a summer baby and this fun hat should keep a winter baby warm!










2. Sound Machine-This sound machine is perfect for our jungle themed nursery. It is cute but also comes with several great sounds and a nightlight! The lullaby helps my baby fall asleep and the white noise helps him stay asleep!

3. Gripe WaterGripe Water is something a new mom won’t know she needs until she needs it! When Baby is having his first meltdown you will be the hero!

4. Newborn ToysThis gift set will have everything you need to help develop a newborn’s motor skills and senses.

5. Wubbanub– $15 may seem like a lot for a pacifier but the Wubbanub is so worth it! This pacifier and toy all-in-one keeps my baby calm when we are out and about.










6. Books– One of my favorite gifts I received was a set of booksWe read one every night and it helps relax my baby before bedtime.

7. Arch– This arch can hang over Baby’s stroller, Rock n Play, changing table, or crib. It will keep him entertained and help develop motor skills!

8. Sleepers– You can never have enough sleepers! A warm, comfy baby is a sleepy baby!

9. Stuffed Animals– Babies love stuffed animals and these will be something he can continue to enjoy when he is older.

10. Sleep Sack– This sleep sack is a safe (and cute!) way to keep baby warm.

11. Car Seat Mirror– I saw this when I was creating my registry and thought it was for Baby to see himself on car rides. It wasn’t until I was reaching around the car seat to take selfies of my baby that I realized this was something I need!

12. My First Year Photo FrameThis frame is the perfect place to display those monthly baby photos!







13. Muslin BlanketsThese are the PERFECT swaddle blanket. They are big, soft, and stretch so they are easy for me and comfy for Artie!

14. Piggy BankThis is such a great gift! You can provide the place for Baby’s first savings!











15. Mommy Survival Kit– Last, but certainly not least, get a gift for Mom! Make a Mommy Survival Kit filled with coffee, chocolate, and wine to get her through those first few months. Trust me, she is going to need it!

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