Three Things That Improved My Baby’s Temperament

Do you have a moody baby? My son, Artie, is an absolute angel…  NOW. He rarely cries, sleeps great, and constantly has a smile on his face, but it definitely wasn’t always this way! He was a little difficult at first but over his first few months he became very well-adjusted to his strange new world. Here are a few things that made a noticeable difference in my baby’s temperament!



Gerber Soothe Drops

During Artie’s first few months we certainly experienced “the witching hour”. Every evening he would become VERY fussy, sometimes for hours. We tried everything: feeding, burping, changing, singing, walking, rocking, strolling, reading, EVERYTHING.

Nothing seemed to help and I was feeling defeated. I hated seeing him so miserable and not being able to help.

Finally I reached out to Artie’s pediatrician and he recommended Gerber Soothe Drops. After one week of using these probiotic drops I saw a remarkable change in my baby.

I was so excited and relieved to see him become more relaxed and crying less! I highly recommend these drops but always check with your pediatrician before giving your baby anything besides breast milk or formula.


Sticking to a schedule is something that definitely helped Artie, but also helped me regain my sanity. At first it wasn’t possible to follow a schedule (newborns are very unpredictable!) but when he was around three months old I started noticing patterns. Track your baby’s sleep and notice how long he is awake before he becomes fussy for his next nap.

I realized Artie would get cranky a little over two hours after waking up so I started putting him down for his nap every two hours. That crankiness immediately disappeared!

Knowing when to put your baby down for naps makes all the difference in the world. Our schedule doesn’t revolve around the clock, but around the amount of time Artie is awake! Artie now follows the same sleep schedule every day: 12 hours at night and 3 hours split between two daytime naps.




To go along with Artie’s schedule I have created routines that I follow each day. Between naps I feed him and we have playtime, but the more important routines are those associated with sleep. Before each nap I change him, feed him, and zip Artie into his wearable blanket.

For bedtime we have a more elaborate routine to signal to Artie that it is time to sleep. Each night Artie’s dad gives him a bath and gets him dressed for bed. Afterward, I read him a story and give him his last bottle of the day. Before we started this routine I was lucky if Artie had a four-hour stretch of sleep, but within a week he was sleeping SEVEN HOURS!!!

Because of his schedule and routines Artie always knows what to expect and I have seen him become much more comfortable and content as a result. To read a detailed description of our baby’s bedtime routine click here!



These things helped improve my baby’s temperament, let me know in the comments what improved your moody baby!


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