Baby Footprint Idea For Singing Greeting Cards!

When Mother’s Day rolled around we wanted to think of a unique way to sign Grandma’s card from our baby boy.  After brainstorming for a while, we thought why don’t we use Baby’s footprint to sign greeting cards?! This baby footprint idea is perfect for signing your family Christmas cards this year!

Signing your baby’s name is cute, but this is a creative way to sign greeting cards from your baby. Signing the card with Baby’s footprint makes the card so much more special by turning it into a keepsake for family members and friends!

Just in time for the holidays!


baby footprint ideas for greeting cardsI recommend taking your time and practicing on paper first! Have a wet cloth ready to clean off Baby’s foot. Artie’s signature to his grandmother was a hit! Now all of my family members and friends are signing greeting cards from their babies! If you give it a try I would love to see how your baby’s footprint turns out in the comments!

Pet parents can do this too! Include your furry friend’s paw print on your holiday cards this year!


You can find so many baby footprint ideas to create crafts during the holidays! This baby footprint idea is a simple way to add a little extra love to your greeting cards! I love doing crafts together as a family during the holidays and this is the perfect excuse!


We used this non-toxic ink, it’s easy to wipe off and safe for your baby. You can also find birthday and holiday cards here!


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