Baby Milestones That Will Break Your Heart

I knew I had a lot to look forward to when I became a mom. Artie had so many milestones ahead that would bring our family so much joy. From his first steps to his graduation, I couldn’t wait to celebrate all of these big moments with him! Then there are the milestones that no one talks about… the ones that will make you want to cry. Some of these milestones will still be special to you, but will also make you realize how quickly your baby is growing up. Some of these milestones will include big changes for your baby, but you will be there every step of the way to comfort them. These are the baby milestones that will break your heart. I am warning you so you won’t be as surprised as I was by the emotions that come with these changes.

The End Of Nursing

Some moms make it the full year or more, but for my own reasons I stopped nursing at 6 months. It’s true what they say, breastfeeding establishes a bond between a mother and her baby, and I wasn’t sure I was ready to let that go.

Unfortunately nursing just wasn’t working for us anymore and I was very worried that it would affect that bond between us. I loved providing nourishment for my baby and I was devastated that it was time to stop.

Luckily there are SO many other ways to build a bond with your baby. Artie and I were as close as ever, even after nursing was over. Whether you are nursing for a few weeks or a few years, the goodbye might be harder than you think.

Moving To The Nursery

This was something I thought I was ready for, because sharing a room was affecting all of our sleep. Artie would wake up in the middle of the night when he heard us move and we would wake up every time he made a sound.

I had looked forward to that first night in his own room but then I spent the entire night staring at the baby monitor. He had never felt so far away before, even though he was just on the other side of the wall! It was heartbreaking leaving him alone in his room but he did great and slept through the night. He was ready even though I wasn’t!

First Birthday

I looked forward to Artie’s first birthday for months, planning his party and designing the perfect invitations. I was so excited for his first birthday party that I didn’t think twice about how I would feel when he actually turned one!

My baby had become a toddler overnight and I felt so many emotions on that day that I never expected! You can read more about how I felt on my baby’s first birthday here! 

The Last Bottle

I was completely caught off guard by how emotional I was when I gave my son his last bottle. It felt like my baby wasn’t a baby anymore… he was officially a sippy cupper now!

I actually put it off for a few days because giving him his bottle was a special moment we shared together each day. I loved letting him snuggle in my arms while he drank his bottle before bed. A year later I still remember that last bottle and I think it will be a moment I never forget.

Saying Goodbye To The Pacifier

I dreaded taking away my son’s pacifier FOR MONTHS. He was so attached to it and I hated the idea of upsetting him. This would be his first real loss and I was heartbroken for him. Something he relied on every day was going to be gone forever.

Luckily we came up with a positive way for him to say goodbye to his pacifier (you can read about that here!). Yes it was hard, but he was back to his usual routine by the third day without it. He actually handled the change much better than I expected. Now that Artie isn’t waking up every time his pacifier falls, we are ALL sleeping much better!

First Night Apart

I can’t deny that my first night away from Artie was relaxing, I slept better than I had in MONTHS! He was 5 months old on my first overnight away from him and as much fun as I had, I missed him SO much.

When you are so used to being with your baby 24/7 you feel like a part of you is missing when they aren’t with you. This was a hard one for me but I also remembered to enjoy my time alone with my husband. That time is rare once you have children, so take advantage of every moment!


There are so many GREAT milestones ahead from the first time your baby crawls to potty training and the end of buying diapers! Look forward to those wonderful moments but also be prepared for these baby milestones that will break your heart! No one told me, so I’m here to tell you, but don’t worry… our babies seem to be better at handling these milestones than we are!














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