Baby Registry Checklist For New Moms

I remember having the hardest time deciding what to register for when I was pregnant. I wasn’t sure what items I would or wouldn’t need, or which version to get since there were SO many options. This baby registry checklist for new moms includes all of the items you will actually use! I added specific suggestions for the items that I loved the most! I hope having this checklists helps you relax so you can enjoy your time with family and friends!


You can find a PRINTABLE VERSION of this baby registry checklist here!

baby registry checklist printable

In The Nursery


Choosing a convertible crib like this will ensure you get years of use out of your purchase.

crib baby registry checklist


No baby registry is complete without a comfortable mattress for your baby’s crib.


Pick out a few sets of sheets so you can swap them out between washes.

Changing Table

Choosing a dresser with changing table included will take up less space in your nursery.

dresser for baby nursery

Changing Pad

You will need a soft insert for your baby’s changing pad, along with washable changing pad covers.


Many new moms choose to have their newborns sleep in a bassinet next to their bed so they are in arms reach for nighttime care. It has also been recommended that keeping your baby in your own room may reduce the risk of SIDS.

Diaper Pail

Unlike other brands the Ubbi diaper pail doesn’t require special bags AND actually keeps the odor in! I highly recommend adding this to your baby registry!

diaper pail for baby registry checklist

Rocking Chair

Choose a rocking chair or glider that is most comfortable for you. You will be spending a LOT of time in this chair while feeding your baby.

Clothes Hamper

Choose a cute hamper like this for your baby’s dirty laundry.

Sound Machine

This sound machine includes soothing sounds and also works as a nightlight! A sound machine will help block out other noises so your baby can sleep. It can also help your baby sleep away from home, just bring along the sounds of your nursery! Anything that helps your baby sleep must be added to your registry!

sound machine for baby registry checklist

Baby Blanket

Baby’s don’t sleep with bankets but you can use it to keep them warm when they are awake and have it as a keepsake when they are older.


Baby’s like to be swaddled up tight when they sleep, it reminds them of the coziness they experienced in the womb. I found these swaddles to be the easiest to wrap.

Sleep Sacks

My son slept so good in his HALO sleep sacks! Since baby’s can’t sleep with blankets these wearable blankets are the perfect way to keep your baby warm.

sleep sacks for baby registry

Baby Monitor

Choose a monitor like this that comes with a camera and night vision so you can always see your baby.


Your newborn won’t need many toys but having a few will help them develop their motor skills over the first few months.


It may seem early to start reading books but baby’s love to look at the pictures and listen to their parents read to them! It’s never too early! Don’t forget to add a few books to your registry!

Boppy Pillow

I absolutely loved my boppy pillow for nursing, especially since I got a c-section. It made holding my baby so much easier during recovery.

Baby Gym

My son LOVED this baby gym. The 5-in-1 feature allowed him to play in it all throughout his first year! It came with so many different detachable toys, including one that lit up and played music! I would definitely buy this activity gym again.

baby gym, baby registry checklist




Dr. Brown’s bottles have a lot of pieces but they help prevent your baby from having gas, which can be painful. I would definitely say they are worth the trouble!

dr. browns bottles for baby registry

Bottle Sanitizer

A bottle sanitizer will keep your baby’s bottles clean and give you peace of mind. This one is so easy to use, just fill it with water and pop it in the microwave.

Bottle Warmer

It isn’t recommended to warm your bottles in the microwave but a bottle warmer will heat your baby’s milk to the perfect temperature.

Bottle Brushes

Bottle brushes will allow you to clean your bottles in those hard to reach places.

Drying Rack

This deluxe drying station was perfect for all of the little pieces that come with Dr. Brown’s bottles.

baby bottle drying rack

Breast Pump

A breast pump will allow you to keep your milk flowing when your baby isn’t with you and can also allow you to build up a milk supply if you plan on going back to work.

Milk Storage

Milk storage bags or containers will be necessary, especially if you plan on stocking up.

Nursing Covers

If you are nursing, covers like this can help you feel more comfortable nursing in front of others.

Burp Cloths

You will be thankful for these, especially if your baby has reflux!


You won’t need bibs until your baby starts eating solids but they are a fun gift to receive at baby showers because a lot of them have cute sayings!


This convertible highchair will be comfortable for your little one, with options from infant to toddler, and is so easy to clean!

high chair to add to baby registry checklist

Dish Sets

The quality dish sets like this last a lot longer than the cheaper, plastic options, especially if you plan on running them through the dishwasher.




Baby’s look so snuggly in their adorable pajamas. Always choose zippers over snaps, they can be a nightmare in a dark nursery with a squirmy baby! You will need plenty of these so definitely add a few to your baby registry checklist.

baby pajamas


Keep your little baby’s toes warm!


You can never have too many onesies with a newborn! These are a staple for babies and the perfect way to keep them warm around the house.


In addition to onesies and pajamas you may want a few outfits for outings and photos with your baby.


Babies don’t necessarily NEED shoes, but I was happy to have them when we took more formal pictures.

baby shoes


Bath Tub

Choose a tub like this that will alert you when your baby’s water is too warm. This really gave me peace of mind when my son was a tiny newborn.

add baby bath tub to baby registry checklist

Infant Bath Wash

The Honest Company has a great, tear free bath wash made with natural ingredients.


Add a few hooded bath towels to your baby registry to keep them warm when it’s time to get out of the tub.

Wash Cloths

Soft wash clothes are a great way to clean your baby’s delicate skin.


Pair your baby’s bath wash with a gentle baby lotion.

Bath Toys

Make bath time fun by adding bath toys to your baby registry!

Baby Essentials

Diaper Bag

I LOVE my JuJuBe diaper backpack and still use it now, 2 1/2 years later! It still looks like new and the backpack option makes carrying it with my son in my arms so much easier!


I used this playyard every day during my son’s first year. We started using it as a changing table in our room, then as a bassinet when he grew out of his small one. Once he moved to his crib we converted to the play pen option.

Travel System

I highly recommend this Chicco travel system. It includes a carseat/baby carrier that snaps into the stroller, so you can move your baby without ever waking them up! We still use the stroller forward facing. This one is pricey so you should definitely add it to your baby registry checklist!

travel system for baby registry

Car Seat

Add a convertible car seat to your registry so it will last you for your little one’s first few years.

Baby Carrier

Wear your baby to keep your arms free and your baby comfy!


Baby’s LOVE bouncers. Register for an option like this to keep your baby bouncing all day long.


Same as bouncers, the babies love them! Register for a swing so you can take a break!

High chair

Your baby may not use the highchair for their first few months but it’s a good idea to go ahead and put it on your registry. Choose a comfortable option that grows with your baby like this 6 in 1 option. 

Baby Gates

Before you know it, your baby will be on the move!

Baby Proofing

It’s never too early to baby proof! Be prepared by adding a kit like this to your baby registry.


I have tried ALL of the diapers and Pampers Pure diapers and wipes are, by far, my favorite. No leaks, no blowouts, no skin irritation, and the quality of the wipes are just as amazing!

pampers pure diapers for baby registry


You will need LOTS of wipes, these are a great essential to add to your registry because you don’t have to worry about sizing.


I almost gave up on pacifiers until I found these, they are the only ones my son would take. If these don’t work for you and you want your baby to take a pacifier, keep trying until you find the right one for them!

baby pacifiers

Grooming Kit

An all in one kit like this will have everything for your baby’s grooming needs, like a brush and nail clippers.

Rash Cream

Choose a diaper rash cream so you are prepared when your baby has their first rash.


These will come in handy when you notice those first signs of teething.


You don’t want to be unprepared when it comes to your baby’s temperature. Add a thermometer like this to your baby registry.

First Aid Kit

This first aid kit will fit perfectly in your diaper bag and will ensure you are always prepared!

first aid kit for baby registry checklist


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Congratulations on your new arrival!!!


You can find the PRINTABLE VERSION of this baby registry checklist for new moms HERE!

baby registry checklist printable







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