Baby Sleep Essentials

There is nothing like a good night’s sleep during those first few months with your baby! It took me a while to figure out the exact recipe for my baby to sleep through the night, but once I did he was sleeping like a champ! I am excited to share these baby sleep essentials with you so your little one will sleep through the night too!

Sleep Sack

I absolutely love the Halo Sleep Sack! It is a safe, wearable blanket that keeps my baby warm so he can sleep comfortably. It has become a part of his nap and bedtime routines so he knows once I zip him into his sleep sack it’s time to rest!

Swaddle Blankets

Newborn babies love to be swaddled! It reminds them of their mother’s womb and prevents their startle reflex. Artie slept great when he was swaddled in a muslin blanket like this, but another option is this sleep sack that does the swaddling for you!

Sound Machine

If you have read any of my other posts on baby sleep you know how much I love this sound machine! Besides the fact that it is absolutely adorable in Artie’s nursery, it has so many great features!

This sound machine has several different options for white noise and lullabies, and also includes a nightlight with three settings. I take it when we travel to help Artie sleep away from home, the room he sleeps in always sounds just like his nursery! Click here for more tips on getting baby to sleep away from home!


Blackout Curtains

These blackout curtains made a world of difference with Artie’s sleep! Don’t worry about Baby being scared of the dark, you have a while before you will have to start checking for monsters under the bed!


For Artie’s first six months he slept in our room in this bassinet. It features vibrations, white noise, lullabies, and a night light to make caring for your baby a little easier. I was so thankful for the vibrations because they would soothe Artie back to sleep without picking him up.

This bassinet also features a swivel that helped me reach my baby after my C-section. Artie slept even better once we moved him to his crib, in his own room. I guess our snoring was keeping him up! This convertible crib converts into a toddler bed, day bed, and full size bed so your little one can sleep in it for years to come!


Artie started sleeping much better when I introduced these pacifiers. He didn’t like other brands I tried so I had almost given up on them. I only give Artie his pacifier during naps and at night so he knows they are for sleeping. Scatter a few pacifiers throughout your baby’s crib in case he throws one out!


Artie sleeps best in footie pajamas like this.  Once you figure out what your baby sleeps best in, stick to it! Always make sure your baby’s sleep attire is appropriate for the temperature of your home. Check out this article for more information on what Baby should wear to sleep.

Nighttime Diapers

The older your baby gets the longer he will sleep, and the more milk he will drink. This means you will need stronger diapers! These nighttime diapers are the only ones that keep Artie dry all night long!

I hope these baby sleep essentials help you and your baby get some much needed sleep!



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