Baby’s First Swimming Lessons!

Your baby’s first swimming lessons will be a fun and exciting way to teach your little one how to be safe in the water! Lessons for babies are typically held at an indoor pool and start as early as 6 months old. They include 30 minutes of instruction with a parent in the water, interacting with Baby.

Much of the class is spent familiarizing your baby with the water but he may also learn how to pull himself up on the side of the pool, flip onto his back, and basic swimming skills. Classes will be fun for you and your baby, including lots of splashing!



What You Need for Baby’s First Swimming Lessons

Swim Diapers



Change of Clothes

Plastic Bag



Flip Flops

Diaper Bag


How to Prepare for Baby’s First Swimming Lessons

  • Being in the pool will be new and exciting for Baby so make sure he is well rested before his lessons. You definitely don’t want to skip nap time or he may not enjoy the water as much.
  • Feed your baby before you leave for swimming lessons. Because your baby is so young, the classes will only be 30 minutes so he shouldn’t get hungry while you are out. If your baby is a big eater you may want to bring a snack or bottle along with you just in case. These pouches are perfect for a snack on the go!
  • You will need to use special diapers made for swimming, I love these Pampers Splashers!
  • Dress your baby in his swimsuit before you leave the house, but make sure to bring along a jacket if it is cold out.
  • Get yourself dressed for the lessons as well, it will be difficult to get ready in the locker room or restroom with your baby in your arms. You will want to wear a swimsuit that you are comfortable in.
  • Pack towels, a warm change of clothes for each of you, and a plastic grocery bag for your wet items. You will also want to bring along an extra swim diaper, just in case, and regular diapers for after the lesson.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to your lessons. These lessons are short so you don’t want to miss out on any of your time with the instructor. You never know when your baby will have a dirty diaper, so give yourself a few minutes to prepare before the class.
  • When the lesson is over get your baby dressed in something warm and put the wet clothes in a plastic grocery bag.
  • Baby’s skin may be sensitive to chlorine so always give your baby a bath when you get home from his swimming lessons. Apply lotion to prevent irritation.



What to Expect at Baby’s First Swimming Lessons

The purpose of Baby’s first swimming lessons are to help him get familiar and comfortable with the water. It will be a while before your little one is swimming laps around the pool but he will learn several basic strategies that could save his life in the worst case scenario.

The instructor will give you direction throughout the class and coach you on how to interact with your baby in the water. The classes may include playing with toys and singing songs that are familiar to baby to help him feel comfortable and have some fun!

I highly recommend swimming lessons for every baby, whether you live near a body of water or are just looking for a way to bond with your baby!


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