Best Of Baby Basics

There are SO many options when it comes to finding the best baby basics. So many brands, types, shapes, sizes… and it’s important to find the best fit for your baby. Two years in I have tried SO many different options and have found products that I truly believe in. After trying EVERY diaper, EVERY pacifier, EVERY swaddle blanket, these are the ones that have proven to have the highest quality. I hope my choices for Best Of Baby Basics help you choose the best products for your baby.



I noticed such a difference between Pampers Pure diapers and other brands that they were actually my inspiration behind compiling the best of baby basics. These are BY FAR the best diapers I have used and I have tried them ALL. These diapers last even longer than the diapers intended to be overnight diapers.

No other diaper has proven to be 100% leak and blowout proof. Other diapers have even busted open, spilling the beads inside all over our nursery. This has NEVER happened with Pampers Pure diapers.

These diapers don’t irritate my son’s sensitive skin and he even seems to get fewer diaper rashes with this brand. Pampers Pure are now the ONLY brand I buy and I highly recommend them to all of my friends and family members.


After trying every brand these are the only pacifiers that Artie would keep in his mouth. After weeks of denying every other pacifier I had almost given up. Then one day I popped in an Avent pacifier and he immediately stopped crying. These are the only pacifiers that would help him fall asleep during those long, sleepless, first months of motherhood.

Although this may not be a category that is “one size fits all” I thought it was important to include on this list so other new moms know to keep looking for that perfect pacifier. Once you find the right fit for your baby you could be one step closer to sleeping through the night!

Diaper Bag

This is the only option on my list that I feel like I have not exhausted every other option. I have actually only had this one diaper bag and for good reason! After using my JuJuBe diaper backpack every day for almost two years it still looks brand new! The zippers still work perfectly and it’s so easy to clean, the material looks the same as it did on the day I got it!

I love that it is a backpack so I am hands free to carry my baby, and now chase my toddler! The pockets are insulated to keep milk warm or cold and it unzips all the way down so it is so easy to keep organized. Not to mention, they have SO many adorable styles to choose from!


I may sound like a Pampers Pure nut but I can truly say these are the BEST wipes I have used. They aren’t as dry as some other brands which makes them so much more effective. I can clean any mess, from food to diapers, with just one or two wipes! I have even used them to remove my makeup after a long day!

The Pampers Pure wipes are 99% water which makes them much “cleaner” than most other options. I have tried so many different wipes and I stand completely behind this brand as the best option for babies!


When your baby starts eating solids the basic bibs will do a fine job, but once your little one starts feeding himself it will be time to upgrade! These silicone bibs with food catchers get the job done at our house!

They are so easy to clean so you can reuse them throughout the day. They protect Artie’s clothes by keeping food from falling into his lap. From eggs, to pasta, to yogurt these bibs have proven to withstand even the messiest foods!


If you have a gassy baby, like mine, I highly recommend Dr. Brown’s bottles. Yes, the little pieces are not the most fun to clean, but it will be worth it when you see the difference in your baby’s drinking habits.

Artie would choke down other bottles and then scream once he was done, but Dr. Brown’s filtered out the gas bubbles that were irritating his little tummy. If your baby struggles with other bottles, give Dr. Brown’s a try.

Swaddle Blankets

Shortly after you become a mom you will also become an expert swaddler! To perfect your swaddling you will need to have the perfect swaddle blankets! Some I tried were too small, some didn’t stretch enough, but these muslin blankets were the absolute best for swaddling our baby! A great swaddle can make a big difference for a sleeping baby!

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