Boutique Blowout

I am so excited to be getting married next April 2019!!! (SCANDALOUS, I know). Recently I had one of the best days of wedding planning: choosing the dress!

A few of my closest family members and friends joined me on this special day, including baby Artie. On the way to the boutique he had a little accident that EXPLODED onto his outfit.

No big deal, I came prepared with an extra outfit in my diaper backpack. After a quick change we continued on our way.

When we walked into the bridal boutique I realized this was the perfect place to find my dress. It was so elegant and I knew it was time to have my princess moment. I tried on several beautiful dresses and then stepped out to show my squad a stunning mermaid gown.

This is when my mother informed me that Artie just had his second blowout of the day, IN THE BOUTIQUE. His entire outfit was covered with poo. That’s when I snapped out of my princess moment and into mom mode.

We wrapped Artie in a blanket and threw away the diaper in the fancy restroom (oops…). The ladies that worked in the boutique didn’t even flinch at the chaos we had brought into their store, determined to help me find my perfect dress.

At the end of our appointment our mission was accomplished and I said yes to the dress! I also learned an important lesson: Never leave the house without several outfits and a plastic bag for an appropriate place to dispose of your baby’s blown out diapers.


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