Easy, Toddler Approved Snacks That Include Fruits And Vegetables!

Sure, it’s simple, just cook up some vegetables or serve your toddler a few of their favorite fresh fruits! If only it were that easy… I remember when Artie would eat his pureed vegetables and I was convinced he would always love spinach and carrots. Little did I know, just a few months later, he would throw every vegetable I served him onto the floor. That’s when I discovered these secrets that made fruits and vegetables more appealing to my picky toddler. These easy, toddler approved snacks that include fruits and vegetables will help you add a little extra color to your toddlers diet.


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Mac N Cheese Mix Ins

I’ve never met a toddler who doesn’t love macaroni and cheese! Stir in a few cooked vegetables to make your toddler’s mac n cheese a healthier option. Artie loves diced carrots and peas mixed in with his macaroni and cheese. He eats the entire bowl just like he would if the veggies weren’t there!


Veggie Filled Muffins

Artie LOVES muffins. He calls them cupcakes even when they are packed with veggies! These can take a little work to bake but will provide a few days worth of healthy snacks. Find one of my favorite recipes for vegetable filled muffins here! 



After I tried to serve Artie avocado multiple times, only for him to throw it onto the floor, I was SHOCKED at how much he loved avocado toast. He loves it so much he actually asks for it for breakfast! Other ways to serve fruits and veggies on toast include adding a spinach artichoke spread or peanut butter mixed with mashed banana.



Add veggies, or a spread to your toddler’s cheese quesadilla. Some of my son’s favorite healthy toppings include spinach, tomatoes, and AVOCADO! Just spread the avocado on the tortilla, top with cheese, and heat both sides on your stove. Easy, nutritious, and delicious! You can find more ideas for toddler quesadillas here!



Add a little creativity to your typical toddler sandwiches. Add spinach to grilled cheese, mix mashed banana in with peanut butter, replace mayonnaise with avocado… Artie doesn’t even seem to notice the extra “love” I add to his favorite sandwiches!



Similar to the pouches you can buy in stores, smoothies are an easy way to disguise vegetables with sweet fruits. Add spinach, cabbage, carrots, sweet potato, chia seeds, or any vegetable really, to add more vitamins to your child’s fruit smoothie. Depending on the vegetable you may need to cook first to soften before blending. You can find toddler smoothies that include veggies here!



Pair a yummy dip with pretzels or whole grain chips! Try guacamole, spinach artichoke dip, or hummus (not technically a fruit or veggie but still a healthy option)! You can even try serving veggies like carrots and cucumbers to older toddlers to dip in the hummus.



Don’t get me wrong, a toddler with a bowl of oatmeal can result in a huge mess, but it’s worth it to get your toddler to eat their fresh fruits right?! Add diced strawberries, peaches, banana, blueberries, cranberries, any of your favorite fruits, to your toddler’s oatmeal. If your toddler is a big fan of yogurt, this is another great option for mixing in fruits! Avoid concealing any fruits that may be a choking hazard for your toddler, like grapes or whole berries.


Scrambled Eggs

This was one of my first ideas for adding vegetables into my son’s diet. When scrambling his eggs in the pan I add a little nutrition by stirring in spinach, peppers, tomatoes, onion, or even add ham for some extra protein. When they are a little older you can upgrade to an omelet!


Prepared Snacks

Prepared snacks that include fruits and veggies are always a great option when you are busy or on the go. Choose healthy snack bars, yogurt, applesauce, or pouches to provide convenient nutritious snacks for your toddler. I keep dried cranberries or blueberries in Artie’s diaper bag for a quick snack when we are out and about.


Becoming a toddler mom has brought out creativity that I never knew I had in me! It’s amazing what we will do to get a few vegetables on our picky eater’s plates! I am not a nutritionist and have no expertise in the health field, I am just a mom trying to get her toddler to eat his veggies! I hope this will help you add fruits and vegetables to your toddler’s diet. 🙂

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