Everything You Need For Bathtime With Baby!

At some point during your baby’s first year you will realize babies need a lot of “stuff” for EVERYTHING they do. For feeding you need bottles, bibs, spoons, bowls, wipes, and a high chair… For sleeping you need pajamas, a baby monitor, a sound machine, sleepsack, and a pacifier… The same applies to bathtime! This guide includes everything you need for bathtime with Baby to make bathing safe, comfortable, and fun!


Baby Safe Bath Soap

Babies have sensitive skin so you will need a gentle body wash that is created for babies. This fragrance free bath soap is plant based and formulated for Baby’s sensitive skin. 

Hooded Towels

Babies are still working on regulating their body temperature, so these adorable hooded towels will help keep them warm, and dry after bathtime. Did I mention they are ADORABLE?!


Baby Bath Tub

Adult bath tubs are just too big for newborn babies! I felt more comfortable bathing my son in a smaller, baby-safe tub. I know moms who swear by the Lotus Tub but I went with an option like this that had a built in thermometer. You can also get a floating thermometer to make sure the water temperature is safe for your baby.  


Knee Pad

We have tile floors in our son’s bathroom so after months of kneeling on those cold, hard floors we found this knee pad! It is large enough to use comfortably but small enough to store under the sink when bathtime is over. If you have hard bathroom floors I highly recommend getting a knee pad!


Nonslip Bath Mat

Once your baby grows out of their infant tub, a nonslip bath mat will keep them from slipping and sliding in your large bathtub. At this age your baby will be on the move, so purchasing a bath mat will help keep them safe!


Spout Cover

You never realize how dangerous a bathtub faucet can be until you have a baby! To prevent your baby from getting hurt on the metal spout, attach a spout cover.


A baby bath brush can be used to clean your baby, but is really great for treating cradle cap! You can use it to gently scrub your baby’s scalp. 


Wash Cloth

Using a fresh wash cloth for each bath is a great way to keep your baby clean. These gentle, all natural wash cloths are perfect for Baby’s sensitive skin!


Rinse Cup

This tear free rinse cup will help keep the water off of your baby’s face while rinsing any soap or shampoo. Your baby can also use this fun little whale as a bath toy!

Bath Toys

Speaking of bath toys! As your baby gets older the two of you will have so much fun playing during bathtime! There are so many bath toys to choose from. Here are some of my favorites!




Bathtime Storage

So where are you going to put all of this “stuff”? This caddy is the perfect size to fit everything you need for bathtime! 



Don’t forget to apply lotion after your baby’s bath! This gentle lotion will moisturize your baby’s sensitive skin. 


Bathtime with your baby can be so much fun! To me there is nothing cuter than watching my little one splash around in his tub!



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