Find The Perfect Gift For New Moms!

Artie is a January baby so I have been a mom to be during the holidays, and a new mom on my birthday. You could say I know a thing or two about what gifts new moms want! This is such an exciting time in a new moms life but it does tend to be all about Baby! Don’t forget Mama needs a few things for herself! I have created this gift guide to help you find the perfect gift for new moms and moms to be, no matter what your budget is!

Diaper Bag

I absolutely love the JuJuBe Diaper Backpack! It is machine washable, insulated to keep bottles warm/cold, and unzips like a suitcase so Mama will never have to dig to find that emergency binky!  It comes in a ton of different patterns so you can choose the best design for the new mom in your life!

I always feel stylish when I carry the JuJuBe Backpack, I have actually stopped carrying my purse when Artie is with me. This diaper bag is comfortable, fashionable, and functional, making it a perfect gift for any new mom! Click here to see more stylish diaper bags for new moms!


I will not lie, I LIVED in my bathrobe those first few weeks after Artie was born. It made nursing my baby so much easier! Whether Mama is nursing or not, a robe will help her feel comfortable and cozy while she adjusts to her new role as a mom. You can add a pair of slippers and a few bath bombs for a nice touch! Find more stylish clothing options for nursing moms here!



Vacuuming is definitely something that fell by the wayside when I became a mom. A new mom will have her hands full, so help her out by keeping her floors clean without lifting a finger! The Roomba works on hard floors and carpet, AND is Alexa compatible! Mama won’t even have to get up to start the Roomba!


Nothing gets you through those last few months of pregnancy, or those middle of the night feedings quite like the taste of chocolate! Satisfy a new moms sweet tooth with a huge supply of chocolate! Trust me, she is going to need it!


New moms and moms to be could both use some relaxing entertainment! Artie was born during flu season, so we were stuck inside for his first few months. When he was napping, Netflix and reading helped me pass the time that we spent secluded in our home.

These gifts are great for moms to be as well, she will be spending a lot of time on the couch during that last month or two! Get the new mom in your life a Netflix subscription or a set of books to keep her entertained!



The Keurig makes the perfect, single serving of coffee a new mom will need to start her day! The coffee loving, mom-to-be will be counting down the days until she can enjoy her first, guilt free, cup of coffee after pregnancy!

I have so many friends who started drinking coffee when they became moms! There is nothing quite like waking every hour with your baby to get you started on a coffee habit! Click here to see how she can even use the Keurig to warm Baby’s bottles!



Get the Mama in your life a special piece of jewelry to remember this beautiful time in her life. This gift will be something a new mom will cherish forever!

Humorous Gift

Get funny Mamas something she can laugh at! The new mom with a sense of humor will love a Baby Carlos bumper sticker or a “Mommy’s Sippy Cup” wine glass!



Instant Pot

Nothing makes cooking as easy as the Instant Pot! You just dump in the ingredients and it’s ready in no time at all! It has all of the perks of the crock pot, without the hours of waiting. Any mom would love to be gifted an Instant Pot and this cookbook has everything she needs to get started!


Apple Watch

My Apple Watch has been a life saver since I became a mom! It keeps me connected without carrying around my phone, allowing me to be present with my son.

It allows me to track my activity which keeps me on top of losing that baby weight! I have reached my pre-pregnancy weight and my Apple Watch truly helped me reach that goal. This is a wonderful gift for new moms in so many ways!



I hope this list helped you find the perfect gift for new moms and moms to be! This is such an exciting time in her life, I am sure whatever you get her will put one more smile on her face!




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