Fresh Bellies Baby Food Review

When Artie first started eating solids I thought it was a breeze… just feed him different purees throughout the day (check out Fresh Bellies baby food purees!). It was so fun watching him try new foods, waiting in anticipation to see what he liked and disliked.

Then things got a little more complicated. It was time to move Artie on to more complex meals and snacks but I wasn’t sure where to start. I wanted to feed my baby the best but a lot of the snack products I found were filled with added sugars, or disguised the taste of vegetables with sweet fruit flavors.

That’s when I found Fresh Bellies! Artie loves the taste of these organic, bite sized snacks. Fresh Bellies introduces real flavors like thyme, garlic, and basil which helps prevent kids from developing picky eating habits.

Fresh Bellies features, whole, organic ingredients, with no preservatives and no added sweeteners! If feeding your baby the best is as important to you as it is to me, try Fresh Bellies baby food! They have purees and snack products available.


You can find all of their products here!

Fresh Bellies baby food Review, Baby eating Fresh Bellies Mango Snacks



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