How To Baby Proof Your Christmas Tree

Every year I look forward to going to the Christmas tree farm and choosing the perfect tree! I love listening to Christmas music with my husband while we decorate our perfect tree!

Then Artie’s first Christmas came along and I wondered… was our favorite Christmas tradition a thing of the past? Could we have a Christmas tree with a baby? Could we have a Christmas tree with a toddler?

But at our house there there is no Christmas without a Christmas tree so I made a few adjustments and now, three Christmas’s later, Artie hasn’t had a single incident with our tree! This is how to baby proof your Christmas tree!


Use Plastic Ornaments

Choosing ornaments that won’t shatter will put you way ahead of the game! This should be the first step for babyproofing your Christmas tree! The last thing you want is broken ornament pieces all over your floor.

Fence It In

Block the room that has the tree with a baby gate or surround it with a fence like this. Your Christmas tree will have it’s very own playpen!

how to baby proof your christmas tree

Keep Presents Hidden

This one is especially important for toddlers! By the time they turn two or three they will think every present belongs to them! Unless you like rewrapping, keep the presents out of sight until Christmas morning.

Put A Distraction Around It

Last year we put a train like this around our Christmas tree and my son ONLY had eyes for the train. It was like the tree wasn’t even there!

The downside was we had to rebuild the track everyday because he tore it apart but it was better than having broken ornaments on the floor!

how to baby proof your christmas tree

Put It Out Of Their Reach

Another option is to get a smaller tree and place it on top of a table. If your baby can’t reach the tree, they can’t hurt the tree or themselves!

If you go this route make sure there is no way for your baby to knock the tree down on themselves or to climb onto the table.

Don’t Use Hooks

Christmas ornament hooks can be a choking hazard for our babies. Use ribbons like this to hang your ornaments instead of hooks.

baby proof christmas tree

Teach Them To Be Gentle

This one is a great option for older babies and toddlers. Instead of telling them not to touch the tree, teach them the right way to touch it.

Choose a word like “gentle” or “easy” to describe the correct way to touch the tree and hanging ornaments. When your little one grabs an ornament just say “gentle” and show them how to touch it gently.

This may not work for every child but can be an easy way for your child to understand how to handle the Christmas tree.

Avoid String Lights

Choose a fake tree that is prelit to avoid lights with strings that your little one can pull on. If your family’s Christmas tradition is to choose a real tree, start stringing the lights a little higher so they are out of reach.

how to baby proof your christmas tree



I hope this post helped you with planning how to baby proof your Christmas tree this year! You can find Traditions To Start On Baby’s First Christmas here!













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