How To Be Happy As A Stay At Home Mom

Some moms may wonder why I am even writing a post on how to be happy as a stay at home mom. Some moms are completely fulfilled by being a stay at home mom. Other moms would love the opportunity to be home with their children, and may wonder how a stay at home mom could ever be unhappy. Whether you stay home with your kids or you are a working mom, by choice or not, we are ALL making sacrifices.

To be clear, I am SO thankful that I have the opportunity to be home with my son. I feel so lucky that I get to spend this time with him and honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. I choose to stay home and work hard to make sure I can do this as long as possible. As much as I love being home for my son, it’s hard for me to admit that it did take me a while to learn how to be happy as a stay at home mom.

Before I became a mom, work was one of my biggest priorities. I enjoyed my financial independence and the daily interactions with other adults. Those are some of the things I lost as a stay at home mom. I was madly in love with my baby boy but there were days I didn’t speak to another adult until my husband got home from work. I was bored and I felt like I was losing myself.

As time went on, I found ways to adjust to my new role as a stay at home mom. Like all changes in life, it can take some time to find a new routine and learn how to be yourself again. These are a few of the ways I learned how to be happy as a stay at home mom!

Get Out Of The House

The beginning of motherhood, the newborn phase, was the hardest for me. My baby was born during flu season so I was terrified to leave the house. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED the newborn snuggles, but there is only so much you can talk about with a newborn baby.

On the weekends, when my husband was home, I would go grocery shopping alone. I don’t think I have ever felt more free than I did on those trips to the store! I turned my music up, and rolled my windows down! It’s important to make the most of those little moments as a stay at home mom.

As a new mom it can be scary taking your baby out of the house or leaving your baby with someone else, but it may be necessary for your sanity. Once the weather warmed up and flu season passed we went outside, ran errands, and had fun! That’s when I started to feel like myself again.

Now that Artie is older, he’s 2 now, we get out of the house every day. I have SO much fun being home with him and can’t imagine it any other way. It’s so exciting taking him to new places and watching him do new things! I feel more like myself now than I ever did before!

Make Time For Yourself

Its so important to have some time for yourself to do the things you enjoyed before motherhood. Whether it’s taking advantage of childcare at the gym, or letting your hubby watch your baby while you get your nails done, you have to have some alone time.

Doing the things I enjoyed before motherhood helped me find myself again. I also discovered a few new things I enjoy, like writing! Make time for your old hobbies, try new things, just do what makes YOU happy. When you become a parent your life becomes all about someone else. It’s important to take care of yourself too!

Make The Most Of Date Nights

I have never enjoyed date nights with my husband like I do now! We used to take nights out for granted. Going to dinner was a regular occasion, no big deal.

When we get a night together now it’s like we are kids again! We are so lucky to have my parents close by so we get a night alone every now and then but even if you don’t have that option, take advantage of the time you have together.

When you put the baby to bed, make your own date night from home! Rent a movie or play a game, have some fun! It’s important to keep working on your marriage and take time to enjoy each other outside of your role as parents.

Wake Up Early

I’ll admit it, sometimes when I’m up late, I use Artie as my alarm clock, but I always feel better when I wake up before him. I’m much more productive on the days I get out of bed, take a shower, and have my coffee while my little man is still snoozing. I feel more awake and am more prepared for our day.

Create A Routine

With a newborn it can be difficult to establish a routine, they think nights are days and they want to eat around the clock. Once your baby is a little older you can start following a schedule with them. Having a schedule helped me plan my day. We could do activities between naps and it allowed us all to know what to expect.

Our days became more predicable and I was able to relax once we started following a schedule. This may not be the right fit for everyone, but it works for us!

Appreciate The Little Things

One of the best parts of being a stay at home mom is being there for all of the little moments. You will get to see every milestone, from your baby’s first smile, to their first step.

Soak these moments up. This is WHY you are a stay at home mom. These are the moments you will never forget.

I wish I could remember every moment with my son, I find myself thinking “this is a moment I need to remember”. As a mom, there are SO many moments like this and as stay at home moms, we are so lucky to be there for all of them.

When you are struggling, just remember how important these little moments are. These moments are magical.

Work Part Time (Or From Home!)

This one was a game changer for me. It’s important for me to be home with my son, but contributing financially is also something I wanted to do. I found a job that allows me to work one evening and one weekend shift each week. This allows my husband to be home with my son while I am at work.

Yes, it’s a sacrifice because we only have one weekend day together as a family, but that also means one day each week for my son to spend with Dad! They have bonded so much since I started working and they love the time they get to spend together.

If part time work isn’t an option for you, you could also consider working from home. With the internet, work from home is much more attainable than it was in the past. Take advantage of your resources and explore your options! You can find information for work at home moms here! 


As a stay at home mom it’s important to figure out what makes YOU happy. Your baby will become your priority but it’s also important to take care of yourself too!


“Your kids don’t want a perfect mom, they want a happy one.”



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