How To Get Your Baby To Sleep Away From Home

Getting your baby to sleep away from home can be a challenge. The last thing you want on your vacation is to stay up all night with your baby. Your baby may react in several different ways to his unfamiliar surroundings. Some babies may be frightened being left alone in a strange room, other babies will be more alert, checking out their new environment. Either way, sleep is the last thing on your baby’s mind. After several vacations and trips to Grandma’s I have finally mastered getting Artie to sleep away from home. These tips will tell you how to get your baby to sleep away from home!

Sound Machine

Bring along the sounds of your babies nursery! If you use white noise or a sound machine (this one helps Artie sleep through the night!), bring it along with you to help your baby feel more comfortable. The sound machine will help your baby fall asleep but will also sound like home if he wakes in the middle of the night.



Give your baby an opportunity to explore his new environment. Let him spend some time in his crib before bedtime (the Pack ‘n Play is the perfect portable crib!). This way he will feel comfortable and get all of the exploring out of his system! Otherwise your baby will wonder where he is when you put him in it to sleep.



Follow your baby’s usual routine as closely as possible. If your baby is on a nap schedule stick to it. If your baby has a bedtime routine, follow it exactly like you would at home. If you usually read to your baby before bed, bring along his books.

If you follow a routine at home your baby has learned what to expect. Following this same routine will signal to your little one that it’s time to sleep. You can read about our bedtime routine here.


If you usually rock your baby when he is having trouble sleeping, there are ways to lull your baby to sleep away from home. When you don’t have a rocker available you can bounce your baby to sleep! If Artie is struggling to fall asleep on the own, I sit on the edge of the bed and gently bounce him. It works every time!

Attachment Object

If your baby has an attachment object or “lovey” don’t leave it behind! A lovey can help your little one feel more at home in a strange place. It will provide comfort for your baby when he is falling asleep in a new environment.

Typically babies become attached to their lovey between 6-9 months old. This article explains how to introduce your baby’s attachment object.

Full Tummy

Fill your baby up with milk! Nurse or give your baby a bottle right before bedtime. Babies with full tummies sleep better! Sometimes Artie will refuse his bottle when we are away from home.

If I turn out the lights, turn on his sound machine and leave the room for a few minutes, Artie usually realizes it’s time for bed and will drink his bottle. He just needs some alone time to settle down in his new environment.


This is how to get your baby to sleep away from home! I hope these tips were helpful and that you and your little one get plenty of rest and relaxation on your trip away from home!



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