How To Have Fun When You Are Pregnant

Every mom-to-be needs to know how to have fun when you are pregnant!

So many words come to mind when I think of my pregnancy experience… exciting, rewarding, and peaceful are a few of them. But let’s face it mamas, one word that doesn’t ring a bell is FUN.

There are so many restrictions that come with pregnancy from your diet, to drinks, to activities, some things you would never even imagine before pregnancy!

You have to constantly be thinking about what you can and can’t do. I have always been someone who likes to have fun, who likes to make the most of every day.

At first the restrictions that came with pregnancy were frustrating for me but I quickly found new ways to have fun! I enjoyed the little things in life, almost like I was a kid again!

Sure, pregnancy is uncomfortable and exhausting, but in the end, I did have some fun while I was pregnant! Pregnancy CAN BE FUN! This is how to have fun when you are pregnant!


Go To A Movie

Have a date night or get your friends together for a girls night! Going to a movie is a great way to forget the stresses of the day and relax. There is nothing like a great rom com to lighten the load that comes with pregnancy!

Plan A Photoshoot

Whether you plan a professional photoshoot or you DIY your pregnancy photos, you will have SO much fun feeling like a star for the day!

It’s a great excuse to dress up, do your hair and makeup, and feel good about yourself during pregnancy! An extra perk is the beautiful photos you will have to look back on!

Go Outside

Going outdoors and enjoying the fresh air can completely change my mood. If you are feeling down during pregnancy (those hormones are intense!), get outside and take in some sunshine! Visit a park, go for a walk, golf, swim, try prenatal yoga! Take advantage of what nature has to offer!


No one should be surprised that this one made the list! Pregnancy was the first time in my life that I wasn’t worried about gaining a few extra pounds.

Enjoy the foods you love and don’t fight those cravings! Try different ways to enjoy food by visiting a new restaurant or having a cook off with your hubby!

I LOVED HelloFresh during my pregnancy. The meals are fresh, DELICIOUS, and so easy to prepare! Not to mention, it’s delivered straight to your door! You can click here to get $40 off your first Hello Fresh box!

Take A Trip

Take a trip with your honey or plan a girls trip! There is no better excuse to get away than becoming a mother.

Take advantage of the free time you have now and get away! A little change of scenery can work wonders.

Explore Your Creativity

Test out your artsy side! Draw! Paint! Sing! Dance! Write! Maybe you’ll love it and start a blog! 🙂

Throw A Party!

You have never had more to celebrate than you do now. Throw a baby shower or gender reveal and make it as big as you want!

I had so much fun helping plan my baby shower, if you enjoy the planning process, don’t be afraid to get involved!


Do whatever it is that helps you relax. For me, it was Netflix… I watched more Netflix than I ever had before when I was pregnant.

I have friends who swear by adult coloring books like this for relaxation, while others love to read. Listen to your favorite relaxing music, your baby can listen with you!

Treat Yourself!

Go shopping, get a prenatal massage, do what makes YOU happy! You deserve it Mama!

Spend Time With The People You Love

This is when I had the most fun when I was pregnant. Surround yourself with the people you love!

There are ups and downs during pregnancy but your family and friends will help you through it. Get together as often as you can with the people who make you happiest!


Pregnancy can be a roller coaster ride but take advantage of the time that you have to yourself.  At the time, pregnancy seems long, but when it’s finally over, you may even miss it! Enjoy your pregnancy and make the most of it! Don’t forget to have some fun along the way!


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