How To Keep Milk Cold On The Go

When I became a mom I quickly realized that everytime I start to figure it all out, as soon as I start to feel confident, my son will move on to a new phase with completely new challenges. With toddlerhood came MANY new challenges: tantrums, shorter naps, and MILK… My son LOVES milk. The big problem is, milk is perishable. So how do I give my little man the drink he loves most when we are out and about?! I have discovered a few tricks that have allowed me to keep a fresh sippy cup of milk between those two little hands at all times! Depending on what you are doing and where you are going, find out how to keep milk cold on the go!

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Insulated Sippy Cup

The fist step to keeping your toddler’s milk cold on the go is to choose the correct sippy cup. These insulated sippy cups will keep the cold in, making the milk last longer. They are also spill proof, a must have when you have a busy toddler!

Ice Pack

Put a sealed bag of ice, or a small ice pack underneath the sippy cup in your diaper bag cup holder. This is a great way to keep the milk cold on the go, like when you are out running errands and know your little one will need to hydrate. It won’t last all day but you will see the best results if you have insulated cup holders like the JuJuBe Diaper Backpack pictured here. (I can’t say ENOUGH good things about the JuJuBe backpack! I have been carrying mine for 2 years and it still looks brand new!)

Insulated Diaper Bag Used To Keep Milk Cold On The Go


Stainless Steel Thermos

If you need to keep more milk cold even longer than the first two options, this is a great way to go! I was so impressed when I left ice in my Yeti overnight and woke up to frozen, solid ice still in my cup! It’s perfect for keeping drinks without ice, cold too! When I need to bring along more milk, I just bring a separate sippy cup to refill from the Yeti. I have found that the off brand options like this work almost (or maybe just) as good as the name brand!

Thermos Used To Keep Milk Cold On The Go


This is a great option if you are hiking or visiting an amusement park and need to bring along more milk for your toddler. The option I use, pictured below, came with my baby bottle warmer and holds two sippy cups with an icepack that slides in between. You can find soft baby bottle coolers here if you are looking for an option that will fit inside your diaper bag. Most amusement parks allow small, soft coolers like this (including Disney), but no loose ice. A cooler is a practical option for keeping milk cold on the go.

Cooler Used To Keep Milk Cold On The Go











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4 Ways To Keep Milk Cold On The Go









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