How To Succeed As A Work At Home Mom

Are you considering becoming a work at home mom? There are many benefits to working from home; you get to be with your children, supplement your family’s income, and it relieves the boredom and monotony that can set in as a stay at home mom. I absolutely love working from home but it is important to realize the downsides that come with it as well. I have included the pros and cons, how to be present, and how to succeed as a work at home mom!

Is Being A Work At Home Mom Right For You?

Work Independently

If you are going to work from home you must be able to work independently. Some people thrive when they are surrounded by other people. If you work better with others or in groups, working from home may not be the best fit for you.

Self Starter

A successful work at home mom must be a self starter. The only person around to keep you motivated is you!  As a work at home mom it is important to set deadlines for yourself and hold yourself accountable. You may have to give yourself a kick in the behind when you need it!

Balance Work and Home

It can be difficult to maintain a household while working from home. Since I started working from home I am going NONSTOP all day. Between cooking, cleaning, writing, and chasing Artie around, I don’t have a moment to relax.

That’s ok with me because I love being with my son, working on my blog, and keeping up my home for my family. I feel SO fortunate to have the opportunity to work from home, but it definitely isn’t for everyone. You must be able to manage your time wisely and prioritize what is most important.


How To Be Present As A Work At Home Mom

Wake Up Early

When considering how to succeed as a work at home mom it is important to prioritize what is most important. For me that means being present as a mom without letting my work take away from my time with my son.

Some people are under the impression that moms who work from home get to sleep in and stay in their pajamas all day. I wish that were true! If you want to be productive it is important to set your alarm and wake up before your children.

If you are a morning person, go ahead and get some work done while the kids are still sleeping! I like to take this alone time to have breakfast, take a shower, and (quietly) get things done around the house. If I get my day started on the right foot I can focus on Artie when he wakes up.

Take Advantage of Naptime

Artie is ten months old, so he is still napping around three hours each day. Naptime is when I get most of my work done. It’s easy for me to do chores like laundry and cleaning when he is awake, because I can talk to him and involve him in those activities.

If I spend our time together working on my laptop, I am not able to give him my full attention. When I am working I like to dedicate 100% of my focus to that task, so it’s best for me to work when Artie is napping. Without naps I would not know how to succeed as a work at home mom.


When Artie is awake I close my laptop and put my phone on the charger. It is just too tempting to check my emails, stats, and messages if I have it with me. I love wearing my Apple Watch because it keeps me connected in case someone needs to reach me. If I spend 90% of our time together on my phone, I may as well be working in an office.


Interact With Your Child

Actually interacting with your child is so important. Use your time together to get on the floor and play, do fun activities, or get out of the house! Your baby won’t be a baby forever, so spend the time that you have together, together!

Have a Routine

I have found that I get a lot more accomplished when I stick to a routine. When you work away from home you are required to follow a routine, and that is no accident!

I wake up, spend time with Artie, work, and go to bed, all at the same times every day. It is easy to do this when you have your children on a routine as well. Children thrive on a routine, so it is beneficial for everyone to start following a routine with them. Having a routine is essential when learning how to succeed as a work at home mom.

Artie wakes up, eats, naps, plays, and goes to bed in the same order every day. Sometimes the lengths of his naps or sleep may vary, but he is comfortable because he always knows what to expect. You can find my work at home routine here!

Work Nights and Weekends

It’s nice not being required to report to an office Monday through Friday, but as a work at home mom, you don’t get to punch out at 5:00.  This may mean working after your little one goes to bed, or working weekends when Dad is home to watch them.

It is so important to spend time with your spouse and prioritize your relationship, but if you want to be successful you must also be committed to your work. For instance, I do most of my research and social media marketing on my phone after Dad and Artie are fast asleep.

Let Your Child Play Independently

Sometimes there are things that must be done and deadlines that must be met. There may be times when you have to work while your child is with you. While it is important to spend time and interact with your child, it is also important to teach them to play independently.

Use your child’s independent play time to accomplish any tasks that you have to complete. Depending on your child’s age and attention span, this time may be limited so try not to over commit.

If you need to entertain your baby or young toddler try a new “toy”, which can be any safe object from around your home. A plastic bowl or spoon that he hasn’t seen before will keep Artie busy for at least 15 minutes! Check out these independent activities for older toddlers and preschool aged children!

Are You Thinking About Starting a Blog?

I have fallen in love with blogging! It has given me an outlet to express how passionate I am about being a mom! You can blog about anything you are passionate about! Whether your passion is parenting, fashion, makeup, sports, video games… anything!

What You Need To Succeed As A Blogger


It is important to choose a niche for your blog and stick to it! Your niche is whatever you will be writing about. I recommend choosing something you are truly passionate about so you will always enjoy working on your blog. You need to choose one thing to focus on or your content will not mesh well and your readers will get confused.

When I first started my blog, I included “Weekly Recipes” that were mom friendly and used only a few ingredients. I thought I could include this in my momming niche, but I was wrong.

When my articles scrolled through on my main page, it didn’t make sense to see a chicken parm sub among a sea of adorable Artie photos! Once I removed the recipes my blog traffic immediately increased.

Original Content

You must have something to say that is original and useful for your readers. There are so many blogs out there for almost every niche, so you must create content that is unique and that your readers can learn from.

For example, if I wrote about what me and Artie did today, my post may be original but it isn’t  useful for my readers. Your blog will gain more traffic if you create one-of-a-kind content that has value for your readers.

Self Motivation

It will be difficult to find success as a blogger if you are not self motivated. You must work on your blog every day. You may think of blogging as something that can provide “mailbox money” for your family, but there is a lot of work that will go into it before you get to that point.

Blogging isn’t just about writing. In addition to creating content, you must maintain an attractive website, come up with topics to write about, and regularly market your blog. When considering how to succeed as a work at home mom you must decide if you have the self motivation to stay on task and reach your goals.


Success for a blogger does not happen over night. You must be patient and be able to celebrate your small achievements. 100 articles will bring in a lot more traffic than 5 articles, but it will take time to get there.

Since I started my blog, I have noticed a steady increase in traffic and income. Although it isn’t much yet, seeing the growth and potential is enough for me.

You can market on social media but it can take an entire year for your blog posts to show up on Google. If you are someone who needs your work to pay off immediately, you may want to reconsider starting a blog.

Market Your Blog

You will need to heavily market your blog, especially at first before your blog shows up on Google. There are advertisements you can pay for but I do all of my marketing for free on social media.

I get most of my traffic from Pinterest but Facebook groups have also helped me market my blog. Take advantage of this age of social media that we are living in!

Do Your Research

There is so much to learn about blogging! Luckily, this is an industry that profits from sharing what you have learned.

Take advantage of the hundreds of articles out there on blogging. You can find hundreds of articles on how to start your blog, how to market your blog, and how to increase your blog traffic.

Set Up Your Blog

To set up your blog you will need a platform and hosting site. I use SiteGround as my hosting site and they set up WordPress for me as my platform.

SiteGround is easy to set up, extremely reliable, and has several options to choose from. I chose “GrowBig” which provides hosting for up to 25,000 visits per month and cost me around $100 to set up for the year.

I made everything back and more in less than three months! They offer smaller and larger packages as well. If you sign up through this link you will receive a HUGE discount on your SiteGround hosting!

I use WordPress for all of my posting and editing and it is SO easy to use! WordPress has a ton of plugins to help with anything you are struggling with like SEO and inserting ads.

There are YouTube videos to walk you through the “How Tos” of pretty much anything you need to know on WordPress. If your aren’t tech-savy, like me, check out this post for beginners that I used to get started! Use your resources and have fun creating your blog!


Don’t think blogging is right for your? Find more career opportunities and information for work at home moms here!


If you already have a blog and would like to increase your traffic check out 3 Things That Dramatically Increased My Blog Traffic!


I hope you found everything you need to be successful as a work at home mom! If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments or send me an email!













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