The holiday season is something I look forward to every year, especially this year which will be Artie’s first! As much as I enjoy the delicious meals and time with family, I was a little panicked when I wondered how I will get all of my cooking, cleaning, and shopping done while chasing around my baby boy. I have created this guide on how to survive Baby’s first holiday season to make things a little easier on all of us!


Shop Online

Crowded malls are never my idea of a good time, but they are much worse when you have your baby with you and it’s flu season! Avoid the chaos by doing your Christmas shopping online.  Most online stores have deals and/or free shipping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday so be sure to take advantage! Amazon Prime offers free shipping all year so try it out this holiday season with an Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial!

You can even do your grocery shopping online! Many grocery stores now offer pick up at no cost, while others charge a small fee. Just select your groceries online and they will be loaded into your car when you arrive at the store. Some grocery stores even offer delivery!

Stay Home

If at all possible, STAY HOME! It may sound like more trouble to host dinners and events in your own home, but keeping your baby in a familiar environment will help him feel more comfortable. You may not be able to stick to his schedule during the holidays, but it will be easier for both of you and he will sleep much better in his own crib.

If you must travel to visit family during the holidays, bring along items that will help your baby feel at home, like an attachment object or sound machine (This one helps Artie sleep through the night anywhere we go!). For tips on traveling check out How to Survive Baby’s First Road Trip and The Ultimate Packing List For Traveling with Baby!

Take Pictures

This is your baby’s first holiday season and you will want to remember every moment! Use that camera phone to take as many pictures as possible! There are so many special ways to commemorate Baby’s first holiday season. You can make an album of your baby’s first holidays like this, or take photos Baby with these first holiday photo cards on each first holiday! So cute!

Ask for Help

Take advantage of those extra hands! You are probably a pro at multitasking by now, but the holidays will be much easier if you assign someone to be on “baby duty”. There is so much to accomplish during the holidays, so let someone you trust keep an eye on your little one when you have your hands full. Ask for help with cooking, cleaning, and present wrapping, but also…


You have been momming since your baby was born and during the holidays you have some extra help available. Visiting grandparents love to babysit, so get out of the house with your spouse for breakfast or a much needed date night. You could even get a little crazy and take a nap!


Whether you are hosting in your own home or visiting family, you may not want to cook the entire meal when you have your baby to care for. Suggest making it a potluck dinner and have everyone bring a few items. This will divide the cooking and the cost between everyone.

Be Safe

Never leave your little one unattended with your Christmas tree. Ornaments can be broken and hooks can be swallowed!  Do what you can to baby proof if you are visiting relatives or cooking in the kitchen. Things can get chaotic during the holidays so it’s important to remember your baby’s safety comes first!

Set a Budget

Set a budget and stick to it! Babies are expensive so save your diaper money and set a budget for each person you will be shopping for. There are so many nice gifts you can find for your friends and family members on any budget! If you need gift suggestions for Baby check out The Best Gifts For Baby’s First Christmas!

Have Fun!

Sometimes the first year with your baby can be overwhelming. Enjoy this holiday season and have some fun! This is your chance to celebrate everything you have to be thankful for this year, with your family and friends. Artie’s first Thanksgiving has come and gone and I have never had more to be thankful for <3.











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26 thoughts on “How to Survive Baby’s First Holiday Season”

  1. Sounds like great ideas. My babies loved looking at lights, maybe just strolling around in a well decorated neighborhood will be fun and not crowded:) Enjoy your holidays! Thanks for the post.

  2. Great thoughts! I definitely utilize shopping online (and grocery pickup) to make my life easier with kids. Buckling two in and out of car seats is enough to keep you home! Happy Holidays.

  3. With two little ones at home, we have now switched to hosting holidays at our house. It makes things way easier for sticking to nap schedules and bedtime. Online shopping has been my saving grace! It’s so fun to see grandparents interact with kiddos while you finish up the last minute projects.

  4. Shopping online is key, although, I feel like its almost more important when you have a toddler…they are far more difficult than a baby! I miss the days I could baby wear while they slept for hours!

  5. These are wonderful ideas for baby’s first Christmas! Helpful and practical! I love online shopping! It makes my life so much easier with three kiddos, one of which it’s her first Christmas!!

  6. First off, your baby boy is adorable! Second, these are great tips for a new mom!!! Or, really, ANY mom for that matter! Very practical advice that I will be heeding myself over the holidays.

  7. My babe had her first holiday season last year, but she was so newborn that we didn’t do much at all. These are all great tips! Especially when they’re little, make sure to keep them away from the crowds. It’s RSV season! So scary.

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