I am not going to lie, for me, those first six weeks with my newborn were HARD! I wasn’t getting any sleep, my hormones were all out of whack, and I was adjusting to being responsible for another life for the very first time. I was prepared for the lack of sleep but I was shocked by the emotional roller coaster that followed after childbirth. I have never been so happy, and yet so sad at the same time! Here are some things that helped me survive those first weeks. I hope they help you through the first six weeks with your newborn too!


Artie was born during flu season so he had to stay secluded for his first two months. There is only so much you can talk about with a newborn, so Netflix helped me pass the time. Don’t feel guilty, I binge watched every episode of Parenthood!

Sleep When Baby Sleeps

Some moms say this isn’t possible because there are things to do around the house, but for me it isn’t possible to do things around the house on three hours of sleep! When Artie woke up in the morning, I would bring him downstairs to our living room and set up the couch with pillows and blankets so I could nap when he napped in his Rock ‘n Play. I would keep going back to sleep every time he did until I felt like a human again! I was able to get my chores done in the afternoon and felt much more refreshed!




Cooking is usually all about timing but those first weeks with a newborn are unpredictable! I would start dinner in the crock-pot when Artie was napping and at night we had a few hours time frame that we could enjoy dinner. All you need is something simple like this. Just set it and forget it! (I use these for easy cleanup!)

Accept Help

I am someone who likes to do things on my own but if there was ever a time to accept help it’s now! Let your family and friends watch your baby so you can actually take a shower. Even if they offer to change a diaper that is one less diaper you have to change. That diaper could be the last thing standing between losing your sanity or not! (just kidding… kind of)

Get Out of the House

I have never felt more free than that first trip to the grocery store. I rolled my windows down and turned the radio up! I never thought a trip to the grocery store would feel like a vacation. It’s hard to be away from your newborn but you will feel so refreshed afterward and will be so happy to have him back in your arms! Even if you just take a walk outside it’s so important to get out of your house, the change of scenery is just what you need!

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is your best friend! It’s hard to feel like yourself when you don’t have time to shower, but a little dry shampoo (I love this brand!) and running a brush through your hair can work wonders!

Mom Friends

What helped me more than anything was talking to other moms. Those first few weeks were some of the most exciting, yet challenging weeks of my life and it really helped having someone to talk to who could relate. Open up about how you are feeling because they probably felt the same way!

Enjoy the Snuggles!

The newborn phase, although it may not feel like it at the time, is such a short phase. Enjoy getting to know your baby because it will fly by! Take lots of pictures and snuggle every chance you get! Your baby is only a newborn once so take a deep breath and recognize what a fantastic job you are doing!!!








Leave me a comment to let me know how you made it through those first six weeks with your newborn!

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26 thoughts on “How to Survive the First Six Weeks with Your Newborn”

  1. Love this. Accepting help was the hardest thing for me. I felt like I needed to be Super Mom and do it all on my own but that led to me being exhausted and very emotional. Accept help and ask for help!

  2. I experienced these feelings with each of my 3 children. I actually discovered blogs after having my 2nd child as I nursed or rocked her to sleep. I remember using my iPod (if that’s still a thing) because it was a handheld device to read blogs. At that time, I had a 2-year-old, so she watched a lot of Netflix if I fell asleep on the couch. Ha!

    1. That’s exactly why I started ArtiesMom.com! Reading blogs from other moms really helped me through those first few months! I hope my blog will to the same for other moms! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Expecting my second in early January, and although I’ve done this before, these tips are a great reminder! Accepting help was my challenge the first time around. I’m planning to do much more of it this time. Great tips!

    1. I agree! Accepting help was so hard for me but once I did life with my little one became so much easier. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Mama, you are SERIOUSLY speaking my mind! What a true article! I felt the same way.. all of it! The first six weeks are challenging and you share wonderful tips to get through!

  5. Yes to the Rock and Play AND dry shampoo! I also made a playlist on my phone for nighttime feedings because I struggled with those. These are great tips for new moms – especially connecting with other moms. My new mama group was a life saver the first time around.

  6. Both of my kids were born during cold and flu season! It is hard feeling cooped up but not wanting to expose them to germs. Sometimes just hopping in the car and going through Starbucks drive thru is enough to make you feel human without exposing the little one to germs (Why do people feel like they can touch your baby!?!? I will never understand).

  7. I cannot agree enough with the very first thing on your list! Netflix was a lifesaver for those nighttime feedings. One of my pieces of advice for new moms is to pick out at least one show they’re really interested in and ONLY watch it during feedings. It makes it so much easier to get up in the middle of the night if you know you get to watch the next few minutes of your show!

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