How To Survive Your First Overnight Away From Baby

Your first overnight away from your baby can bring on a mixture of emotions. You may feel everything from relief to guilt, and from excitement to dread, all at the same time! These are my tips on how to survive your first overnight away from Baby!

As a new mom, I felt very attached to my baby.  I knew I needed a break, but I couldn’t imagine being away from him. The week before I left I actually wondered if I could go through with it!

In the end, I was so happy I took the time away to relax, decompress, and get some sleep! It was great for our relationship to have some time alone to be ourselves, separate from being parents.

I had so much fun on our trip and gave my baby the biggest hug as soon as I got home! There are many things that can make your time apart easier and help give you peace of mind while you are away.

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Choose a Trustworthy Caregiver

Choose someone responsible, who you trust and your baby is familiar with. This may be a usual caregiver, grandparent, or another close family member.

You will know your baby is safe, and your baby will feel more comfortable in your absence. My parents kept Artie on our first overnight away, so I knew he was in good hands. Knowing he was with them made it easy to relax and enjoy my time away.

Keep Baby In A Familiar Environment

If at all possible, have your caregiver keep your baby in your own home. The fact that you aren’t there with your baby is already a big change for them to adjust to. Keep them in a familiar environment so everything else remains the same.

Your baby will be able to sleep, and stick to their usual schedule much more easily if they are staying in their own home. If staying in your home isn’t an option, bring along anything that will help your baby feel more comfortable in a new environment, like an attachment object or sound machine.

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Wait Until You Are Ready

Don’t rush it! You may notice that, like most things in motherhood, (stopping breastfeeding, moving your baby to his own room) you will know when you and your baby are ready for your first night apart.

Make It A Short Trip

Don’t overdo it on your first trip away. You never know how you or your baby will feel when you are apart for the first time, so you may not want to commit to a long trip. My first overnight was only one night and a few months later I took a trip, away from home, for two nights. For me, this was the perfect amount of time to relax and take a break!

Write Down Everything

Write down anything your sitter may need to know. This includes your baby’s schedule, allergies, likes and dislikes, tips and tricks, anything they may need to know about your baby. My mom was happy to have all of the details but it made me feel a lot better to know she had it!


Take advantage of the fact that you are a mom in a world of technology! Your sitter can not only send pictures, but you can also FaceTime with your baby! My mom sent me pictures throughout the day and seeing how much fun he was having helped me relax and enjoy my trip!


This is your chance to get some sleep! Unless your spouse is craving a pizza, there won’t be anyone waking you up for middle of the night feedings! Take advantage of this opportunity to get some much needed rest.

Don’t Worry!

Enjoy your time away and don’t worry! I worried so much the week before my trip that I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy my time away. Once I got to our hotel I had a great time and didn’t worry about my little one once! I knew he was in good hands and that we would be back together in just a few days!

Your first overnight apart can bring on a mixture of feelings, but there is nothing quite like seeing the smile on your baby’s face when you are back together again! I hope these tips on how to survive your first overnight away from Baby!


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