Learning How To Be ME As A MOM

Becoming a mom was one of the happiest times of my life. Those first weeks with my baby were filled with more joy and love than I ever knew possible. Becoming a mother also came with A LOT of change; some good, some bad. My priorities, relationships, responsibilities, EVERYTHING about me felt like it had changed overnight. It was the beginning of my journey through motherhood and the beginning of learning how to be ME as a MOM. 

“Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had and dealing with fears you never knew existed.”

-Linda Wooten

Before I became a mom, I had a “work hard, play hard” mentality. Being successful was important to me but I also tried to make the most of every free moment I had. I loved boat days, going out with friends, traveling, being spontaneous… none of which felt possible with a newborn baby.

I knew my life had changed and I wasn’t sure how to change with it. Instead of boat rides and date nights my life now revolved around diaper changes and nap schedules.

I didn’t feel like myself on the inside and didn’t look like myself on the outside. I was comfortable in my own skin before I became pregnant. I knew what outfits and hairstyles made me feel good about myself.

Now my favorite clothes didn’t fit and I barely had time to brush my hair. I tried shopping for new clothes, cutting my hair, nothing seemed to make me feel like myself.

I felt lost. I didn’t recognize myself, I was up all night with my baby, and I was completely overwhelmed by the pressures of becoming a mom. I wanted everything to be perfect for my baby but I had never done this before! How could I be a good mom when I didn’t even know who I was anymore?

“Having children just puts the whole world into perspective. Everything else just disappears.”

-Kate Winslet

It took time, and it was hard, but I found myself again and I am a better me than EVER before. Things that once seemed important seem so insignificant now. Learning how to be me as a mom wasn’t easy, but now I am more confident and happier than I have EVER been.

I have never felt more like myself than I do as a mom. I lost touch with some friends but I am closer with my family than ever before. We have this beautiful thing in common which is the love we share for our baby boy!

Honestly, the newborn phase wasn’t much fun for me but now that my son is older I have more fun than I have ever had before! I have SO much fun watching him learn and do new things.

Instead of spontaneous vacations, now I enjoy spontaneous trips to the park! The things I enjoyed before have become even more special because now I can share them with my son!

It’s the little things that made me feel better… listening to my favorite songs, getting out of the house, and even trying some new things, like writing!

I truly enjoy writing, it’s something I love to do that I never thought of trying before. I never wrote before because I never felt as passionate about anything as I do about being a mom.

I feel like now I have finally become the person I was always meant to be. <3


“Everything has changed yet, I am more ME than I’ve ever been”

-Iain Thomas


Those first months of motherhood are a time when you will learn what you are really made of, you will learn who your real friends are, and you will learn the true meaning of family. If you are struggling to find yourself in your new role as a mom, just know you are not the only one who has felt this way.

Take time for yourself and do the things that make you happy. Whether it’s just listening to a favorite song or watching your favorite show, these things can remind you of who YOU are. Get out of the house and take time to yourself. Gradually you will find yourself again, maybe an even better version than before!


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