MUST HAVE Breastfeeding Products

To be honest, breastfeeding was NOT easy for me. I wasn’t producing enough milk, cluster feeding was a nightmare, and I was exhausted from staying up all night nursing. But, I did my best, and I made it close to the goal I had set for myself for breastfeeding. I wish I had lasted longer but I wasn’t as prepared as I now know I could have been.

Some of these products helped me last as long as I did. Some of these are breastfeeding accessories I wish I had, after hearing rave reviews from other nursing moms. These are the MUST HAVE breastfeeding products that will help you succeed at nursing.

If you have trouble at first, just do your best. I have learned many lessons since I became a mom, and one of my first, I learned from breastfeeding. Parenting is all about doing our best! Don’t beat yourself up if things don’t go as you planned.  These must have breastfeeding products will set you up for nursing success, and help you avoid a few bumps along the way!


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Haakaa Manual Pump

If you only get one thing, this should be it. This silicone breast pump can be even more effective than an electric pump when used during nursing. It suctions on to catch any milk on the other side while your baby is nursing.

This manual pump will allow you to waste less milk and express more! It’s so easy to use while nursing, being so much smaller and with fewer parts than an electric pump.

breastfeeding products haaka manual pump

Electric Breast Pump

You will also need an electric breast pump to use between feedings, especially if you plan to stock up on milk for when you return to work. The more you feed and pump, the more milk your body will produce. Pumping simulates the suction of your baby which allows your body to increase milk production.

Some insurance companies will provide you with an electric breast pump so check with yours before purchasing it on your own.

breastfeeding products breast pump

Milk Storage

Another thing you will need for building your stash is breast milk storage. If you purchase an electric pump it will include a few containers, but milk storage bags like these are all you need if you are saving up.

breastfeeding accessories milk storage


If you are storing milk, you will need bottles to feed your baby. These bottles are made for nursing babies, mimicking the feel of breastfeeding to prevent nipple confusion.

breastfeeding products baby bottles

Nursing Bra

A bra that unsnaps for nursing will allow you to easily feed your baby. This one doubles as a pumping bra so you can use your electric pump hands free!

breastfeeding accessories nursing bra

Nursing Covers

A nursing cover like this will allow you to feed your baby, no matter where you are! You will feel covered and modest while feeding your baby on the go. This one has multiple uses as a carseat/stroller cover!

Nursing Tops

There are a ton of options for cute, comfortable nursing clothing. You can find tops and dresses that will make you feel confident while providing easy access for nursing. You can find more nursing options for every occasion here!

Breastfeeding Book

One thing I wish I had done before my son was born is educate myself more on what to expect from breastfeeding. I took the class but there is so much to know about breastfeeding that can’t be understood by spending an hour in a classroom. This book by Le Leche League will tell you everything you need to know.

Nursing Pillow

This was one of they most useful breastfeeding accessories for me. The Boppy Pillow is cute but this pillow made specifically for nursing will provide more back support and has a pocket to store your supplies. It also comes in several different prints!

nursing pillow breastfeeding accessories


At some point your baby may cluster feed, which means hours of ongoing breastfeeding. You will appreciate having a comfortable chair during those long days spent nursing.

The good news is, this is something you can use for years, long after nursing (and cluster feeding!) has ended. 

glider rocking chair for breastfeeding

Water Bottle

It’s so important for nursing moms to stay hydrated. Keep a water bottle like this by your side to ensure you drink plenty of water and encourage milk production.

breastfeeding products water bottle

Nursing Pads

You may experience leaks when you are away from your baby. These nursing pads will protect your clothing and prevent a potentially embarrassing moment!

nipple pads breastfeeding accessories


You may experience soreness, especially when you first begin breastfeeding. Lansinoh nipple cream will help relieve and prevent the pain. This is one of the most essential breastfeeding products!

lanolin cream breastfeeding products

Healthy Snacks

Stock up on easy, healthy snacks because nursing will make you HUNGRY! You will be so happy when you have something to munch on in one hand while you nurse your baby with the other!

breastfeeding accessories healthy snacks


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