My Baby’s First Birthday

Leading up to Artie’s first birthday, I was so excited for his party! I knew he would only have one first birthday so I wanted it to be special. I spent hours planning everything from the invitations, to the cake and the food… I didn’t think twice about how I would actually FEEL on my baby’s first birthday.

I must say, I am not the most emotional or sentimental person… so writing posts about feelings isn’t always easy for me. But I can’t deny the feelings that I felt on my baby’s first birthday. I was hit with a wave of emotions and it wasn’t for the reasons I expected.

I thought I might feel sad because our baby boy wasn’t technically a baby anymore. I thought I would be heartbroken because Artie’s first year had flown by… but that wasn’t it at all!





















I actually felt proud! I felt a huge sense of accomplishment! We had made it through Artie’s first year! I didn’t feel sad. I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude when I looked at our happy, healthy boy. I felt so thankful to have been blessed with our beautiful, sweet son.

Throughout Artie’s first year, I remember feeling like I couldn’t love him more… and then the next day I always did. On his first birthday, once again, I fell even more in love with our son.

Suddenly, being a mother felt more permanent. I was relieved to realize that Artie wasn’t as fragile as he once was. He was no longer the newborn that I had watched sleeping in his bassinet. On his first birthday, Artie became a toddler!









I want to hear from you! How did you feel on your baby’s first birthday? Let me know in the comments!


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