My Favorite Moments From Artie’s Second Year

Some of my blog posts are lists, tips, or “how to’s” written to help other moms on their journey through motherhood. I always enjoy writing those posts but this one I’m writing just for me. Artie’s second birthday is less than two weeks away and I am so excited to share my favorite moments from his second year!


Road Trip Adventure

One of my favorite moments with Artie was our road trip together!

In September we were meeting my parents at the beach, but Dad had to stay behind for work. Me and Artie took the four hour road trip together and it was such a fun adventure!

I was so nervous the week before our trip, I wasn’t sure how Artie would handle being in the car for so long. He turned out to be the best travel companion I could have hoped for!

I was so proud of him for how well he did on our road trip and we got to celebrate together on the beach!


Boat Rides and Water Slides

We had A BLAST with Artie this summer! We take him out for different activities pretty often, but nothing compares to having fun in the sun!

Artie had so much fun going on boat rides with his grandparents and riding the waterslides at our local YMCA. He absolutely loves the water so I am SO looking forward to getting back to splish splashing with him this summer!

Our Wedding Day

Having Artie be a part of our wedding made it even more special than I could have ever hoped. It was such a wonderful day celebrating the three of us!

I am so happy that when I look back on my wedding day, it is a memory that will include our son. When I was younger I never imagined my child would be there on my wedding day, but now I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Watching Him Learn

This is one of my favorite parts of parenting. I absolutely love watching Artie learn new things and develop.

From facing his fears on the playground to using his potty for the first time, this has been a year filled with learning new things! Me and Dad have so much celebrating Artie’s firsts with him!

Christmas Morning

This was probably my very favorite moment from Artie’s second year, and one I know I will never forget!

After Artie opened his presents on Christmas morning I took him upstairs for a diaper change. Once we were done he stood up on the changing table and wrapped his arms around me. He gave me a big hug and said “I love you!”.

I was so happy in that moment. He had said the words before while repeating me, but this time I could tell he really meant it. What a perfect way to end Christmas morning with my sweet boy! <3


We had so much fun with Artie this year! His second year was full of so many laughs and lots of snuggles! He has already made me so proud, I can’t wait to watch him continue to grow and learn. I feel so lucky to be Artie’s mom!


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