Potty Training Tips For First Time Moms!

Potty training can be the transition that creates the most anxiety for parents of toddlers. It’s difficult to know the right way to do things, especially when you are potty training for the first time. These potty training tips had my little man saying goodbye to diapers by the time he was 2 1/2 (even at bedtime!!!)

Time It Right

Don’t overlap potty training with other big changes. For example, don’t start potty training while your little one is weaning off of the pacifier or moving to their toddler bed. You may also notice difficulty potty training, or even regression during potty training during other big changes like gaining a new sibling or moving to a new home. Make the potty training process as smooth as possible by avoiding other changes. 

Start When They Show Interest

You may notice that your little one starts talking about using the potty or telling you when they have a wet or dirty diaper.  This is a sign that they are interested and may be ready to begin the process of potty training. Pay attention to these cues so you can time potty training right for your little one.   

Talk About The Potty Before You Get Started

Tell them about using the potty, talk to them and choose a few fun potty books to read together, like this Elmo potty training book! This will help them understand and get excited about potty training

Get Them Involved

Let them choose their own potty! Make choosing the potty fun and exciting! Let them pick out their own potty or decorate their potty with stickers! Once they are using the potty and ready to wear undies, let them pick out their own with their favorite characters! 

Practice At The Right Time

Keep in mind this will be a completely new experience for your toddler. Start off slow to give your little one time to warm up to using the potty. Once they show signs that they are ready for potty training, start sitting them on the potty right before bathtime. This is a great time to practice because they are already undressed and more willing to use the potty.


Celebrate all of the little “wins” along the way! You will be so excited the first time your toddler uses the potty! Make sure you let them know that! Tell them how proud you are of them! Some families choose to celebrate with stickers, special treats, or “potty boards”!

Stick To A Routine

Get into the habit of using the potty at certain times to help them know what to expect. For example, put them on the potty when they wake up, after they eat, before their bath. before bedtime, etc. Routine’s help create stability for toddlers when things are changing around them. This potty training timer can help you stick to your routine. 

Don’t GIve Up!

Potty training can be messy and exhausting but it’s important to keep trying. Don’t give up! Your little one may use the potty all day one day and then have three accidents the next day. Stay positive and let them know you believe in them. 

Look Out For Dry Diapers At Night 

Once your little one is using the potty and no longer having accidents, the next step is to go diaper free at night. If they are going longer stretches during the day, and have dry diapers when they wake up in the morning, they may be ready to say goodbye to diapers for good! 

Be Patient

Every child is different, and it can be a challenging process, but soon your little one will be diaper free! Try to stay positive! If your child can see this is a negative experience for you, it will become a negative experience for them. 

Do What Works For Your Child

Every child is different and it’s important to recognize what your child needs to help them progress with potty training. Some kids may enjoy a potty training song, earning stickers, or even a different type of potty. You may have to make some adjustments along the way, to help your little one be comfortable with using the potty. Just keep in mind, eventually they will get there!

Talk With Your Pediatrician

Ask your pediatrician for potty training tips along the way. Let them know how your child is doing and what your biggest struggles have been. Keeping them informed through your child’s potty training journey can make this transition much easier!


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