Pregnancy To Do List For Each Trimester

Congratulations on your positive pregnancy test! Now that you have processed and taken in all of the excitement, you may wonder, what’s next? There is so much to do and plan for during your pregnancy.  Whether this is your first, second, or tenth pregnancy, you can never be too prepared. This pregnancy to do list for each trimester will keep you organized and on track during every step of your pregnancy.

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First Trimester To Do List

First Trimester To Do List

Adjust Your Diet/Lifestyle

Making changes to your diet and lifestyle can mean something different to every woman during pregnancy.

Some women may cut back on coffee intake, eliminate alcohol/smoking, increase physical activity, or just eat more healthy foods.

Others may find that they have fewer changes to make, but there are some foods that should be avoided during every pregnancy, including lunch meat, sushi, and soft cheeses. You can find more information on these recommendations here. 

Your health will affect your baby’s health so put this at the top of your pregnancy to do list.

Increase Water Intake

It is much easier to become dehydrated when you are pregnant. You are now drinking for two so ask your doctor how much water they recommend each day.

I kept a large water bottle like this to help me increase my water intake. If you aren’t a big water drinker, add cucumber or lemon for extra flavor.

Pregnancy to do list, water bottle


Begin Prenatal Vitamins

Choose a prenatal vitamin to start taking as soon as you find out you are pregnant, even sooner if possible.

Prenatal vitamins will help supplement your diet, provide nutrition to your baby, and may even reduce the chance of some birth defects. Take your prenatal vitamins daily throughout your entire pregnancy.

Schedule First Doctor Appointment

One of the first things you should do when you find out you are pregnant is choose your OB and make your first appointment.

Once your appointment is scheduled you can look forward to hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time!

Remove Toxic Products

You may want to swap out some of your current household products for “cleaner” versions during your pregnancy. Some cleaning, skin care, makeup, medications, and other products can have contraindications during your pregnancy.

Download A Pregnancy App

One thing I enjoyed most during my pregnancy was following the size of my baby on my pregnancy app! Choose and download an app like this to help you track and learn about your baby while you countdown to your due date!

This is a fun one to add to your pregnancy to do list! I loved seeing the size of my baby compared to a vegetable on the app!

Reading phone during pregnancy, first trimester to do list

Read A Pregnancy Book

Choose a book for expecting mothers to help you prepare for and understand your pregnancy, especially if this is your first pregnancy.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Contact your insurance company to stay informed of your upcoming expenses. Find out how much will be covered from your doctor visits and the time you spend in the hospital during childbirth.

Choose A Hospital

If your doctor hasn’t already made this decision for you, do your research and choose a hospital for your delivery.

Some doctors only deliver at one hospital so this may be something you want to consider when choosing your OB.

Start A Pregnancy Journal

If you want to document your pregnancy, a journal is a great way to record your experience. You will love having this to look back on and to share with your child in the future.

Reading during pregnancy, pregnancy to do list

Schedule A Dentist Appointment

The bacteria in your mouth can get to your baby so keep your teeth clean and schedule that dentist appointment you have been putting off!

Consider Maternity Clothes

Now is a good time to consider if you want to purchase maternity clothing. Most maternity items have elastic bands or ruching so they grow with you throughout your pregnancy.

I found a ton of cute, affordable maternity items on Amazon when I was pregnant. Some of them I still wear now, 2 years later!

Use A Stretch Mark Cream

It is important to be proactive when it comes to stretchmarks. The sooner you start using cream on your skin where you expect stretch marks, the better.

If other women in your family have stretchmarks from pregnancy, it is especially important for you to use a cream like this since stretch marks are genetic.

Consider Baby Names

If you haven’t already chosen a name for your baby, now is a great time to start considering your options! There are so many names to choose from, it may take the next 9 months to decide! You can find a long list of baby names here!

Pregnancy Announcement!

Many women choose to announce their pregnancy once they reach 12 weeks. You may decide to announce your pregnancy at the end of your first trimester by posting on social media or having a more private announcement between close family and friends. Click here to find a ton of unique ideas to announce you pregnancy!

Second Trimester To Do List

Second trimester to do list

Gender Reveal!

Gender reveals have become a popular new way to celebrate your baby, in addition to the traditional baby shower. If you have chosen to find out the gender of your baby, this can be a fun way to do it! You can find gender reveal ideas here!

Register For Classes

There are so many classes you can take to help prepare you for childbirth and newborn care. Many hospitals also offer maternity tours so you can get familiar with where you will be delivering your baby! Talk with your doctor about which classes are available for you to take.

Begin Creating A Birth Plan

Preparing a birth plan to provide for your doctor will ensure that childbirth goes as close to your plan as possible.

You can make decisions about how things should be handled before birth, during labor and delivery, and how your baby will be cared for. You can find more information on creating your birth plan here. 

Sleep With A Body Pillow

Things may become a little less comfortable during your second trimester. Choosing a prenatal pillow can help you sleep soundly during your pregnancy.

There are several designs to choose from. I had a horseshoe shaped pillow like this and I slept like a baby!

Body pillow to add to pregnancy to do list

Research Pediatricians

Do your research on the pediatricians in your area. Look at reviews online, call their offices, and ask for recommendations from the people you trust such as your doctor, close friends, or family members.

Consider Telling Your Boss

If you feel comfortable, this can be a good time to give your boss a heads up on when you will be out for maternity leave.

The sooner you can let them know, the more prepared they can be for your absence. You can find tips for working while pregnant here!

Take Pictures Of Your Bump!

Don’t forget to document your pregnancy! Take pictures to compare week to week so you can see how much your baby belly is growing!

Don’t forget to put this on your pregnancy to do list!

Second trimester to do list

Create Your Baby Registry

Decide where you will register and start building your registry. Choosing the essentials for your baby is one of the fun parts of pregnancy! Click here to find a baby registry checklist! 

Gestational Diabetes Test

During your second trimester you will receive your gestational diabetes test to measure your glucose levels.

Consider Life Insurance

Discuss life insurance with your partner and decide if this is something you would like to invest in for your child. This will give you peace of mind and guaranteed security for your child.

Start Baby’s Savings Account

It’s never too early to start your baby’s savings account! The more time you have to build their savings, the more they will have for their future. You can find information on opening a savings account for your baby here!

Weigh Your Childcare Options

It may seem early, but now is a great time to start looking into your options for childcare. Many daycares have waitlists so the sooner you make your choice, the better.

If you are choosing a nanny or babysitter, starting interviews now will give you plenty of time to find the right fit for your family. 

Enjoy Your Free Time!

Enjoy your alone time and this time with your partner while it lasts! Soon your home will be filled with the laughs and cries of parenthood.

Enjoy the quiet, enjoy each other, and have some fun! You can find great ways to have fun while you are pregnant here!

Third Trimester To Do List

Third trimester to do list

More Frequent Doctor Visits

The closer you get to your due date, the more frequent your doctor visits will become. The good news is, this means it’s almost time for your baby to arrive!

Enjoy Your Baby Shower!

Your baby shower is the perfect way to celebrate your pregnancy! Enjoy the day with your best friends and closest family members!

Choose Your Pediatrician

If you haven’t already, you will need to decide on your baby’s pediatrician.

Call their pediatrician’s office to make arrangements for who will see your baby in the hospital and when your baby’s first appointment should be.

This is an important one to have on your pregnancy to do list

Choosing a pediatrician, pregnancy to do list

Take Prenatal Education Classes

It’s time to take the classes you registered for during your second trimester. Prenatal classes can help you prepare for childbirth, nursing, first aid, and baby care. You will be glad you took these courses! 

Organize And Decorate Your Nursery

Have fun choosing a theme and decorating your nursery! Your baby may not sleep in their own room right away but it’s still a good idea to prepare the room for them.

Unpack everything you got at your baby shower and get the nursery organized for your baby. You can find ideas for decorating your baby’s nursery here.

Read A Book On Newborn Care

You may want to get a book like this, on baby and child care to help you through the first weeks (and years) of parenthood. It can help answer any questions you have, especially if you don’t have much experience with children.

Maternity Photoshoot!

One experience to look forward to during your pregnancy, and one that you can always look back on is your maternity photo shoot!

You can buy new outfits or wear what you already have, hire a photographer or ask a family member or friend to help out. Whatever route you take, just remember to have fun with it!

This is another fun one to have on your pregnancy to do list!

Maternity photo shoot pregnancy to do list

Purchase Remaining Baby Essentials

Many baby registries offer a discount on remaining items leftover after your baby shower. Purchase the “must haves” that haven’t been bought yet, so you can be prepared when your baby arrives.

Wash And Fold Newborn Clothes

Some experienced moms recommend waiting to wash your baby’s clothes, in case they are too big for the newborn sizes.

I would at least wash a few onesies, pajamas, and swaddles. Soon it may be hard to find time to cut off tags and fold laundry.

You can also get ahead by preparing your baby’s clothing for later in the year.

Clean Bottles/Breast Pump Parts

When you get home with your baby you may experience cluster feeding, which means LOTS of nursing. Get ahead by washing any breast pump and bottle parts before leaving for the hospital.

Send Baby Shower Thank You Notes

Go ahead and take this opportunity to send thank you notes for your baby shower gifts. Click here to find a tool for recording your guests names, gifts, and addresses to simplify sending your thank you notes.

Tie Loose Ends At Work

Confirm the details of your maternity leave and complete any unfinished projects. Assign someone to handle your responsibilities while you are away if needed.

Finalize Your Birth Plan

Add any final touches to your birth plan. You will want to have it ready for your doctors and nurses so they know what your decisions and expectations are.

Install Your Baby’s Carseat

Before leaving for the hospital you will need to make sure your baby’s carseat is properly installed.

Thoroughly read the entire manual so you can ensure your baby is safe. Have your carseat checked to make sure it is installed correctly.

This is one of the most important things to have on your pregnancy to do list! You can’t take your baby home without a car seat!

Pack Your Hospital “Go Bag”

When you reach your last few weeks of pregnancy you never know when you will actually go into labor.

Be prepared to leave at a moment’s notice by packing a hospital “go bag”. You can find a checklist for packing your hospital bag here!

Meet Your Baby!

When the big day finally comes, your life will be changed forever in the VERY BEST WAY! Congratulations on your new arrival!!!


Click here for a printable version of this pregnancy to do list!

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