Rainy Day Schedule For Toddlers

When I see rain in our forecast, I know we will probably be spending the day inside. As a toddler mom, these are the days I look forward to the least! My little man is a BUSY boy and he loves to be on the go. I created this schedule to keep him active and happy, even on the rainiest days. If you have an energetic toddler like mine, this rainy day schedule for toddlers will help you through those long days spend indoors.


Find a printable version here!


7:00 am Wake Up

Rise and shine! 

7:30 am Breakfast

8:00 am Independent Play

Allow  your toddler time to play independently with puzzles, toys, books, and games. This independent time is an important part of their development. 

8:30 am Crafts!

Spend time together creating! Color, paint, bake, play with Play-Doh or stickers. Give your toddler the opportunity to explore their creativity! Find more indoor activities for toddlers here!

9:30 am Snack

10:00 am Build

Build with anything you have around the house! Build with blocks, cups, bowls… build a tower, a fort, or an obstacle course!  

10:30 am Chores

Teach your toddler to help with daily chores. Use this time to clean up the mess from this morning. Toddler’s love helping empty the dishwasher, starting the laundry, and “sweeping”! 

11:00 am Active Play

Even if they can’t go outside, you can still find ways to get that toddler energy out indoors! Turn on music and dance, run, jump, play! Try toddler yoga on YouTube! Do an indoor scavenger hunt!

12:00 pm Lunch 

12:30 pm Wind Down

Spend some time reading a book, changing into pajamas, and winding down for nap time. Having time to be calm together before naptime will help them prepare for good sleep!

1:00 pm Naptime

3:00 pm Wake Up

3:30 pm Snack

4:00 pm Playtime

Spend time playing together! Get on the floor and play!

5:00 pm Cook Dinner

You can let them “help” cook dinner by giving them their own pots and pans, spoons, and ingredients to play with away from the actual cooking area.

6:00 pm Dinner 

7:00 pm Bath

Take a bath, read a book, and get dressed for bedtime! 

8:00 pm Bedtime



Click here for a printable version of this rainy day schedule for toddlers!



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Rainy Day Schedule For Toddlers