Rainy Day Tips For Toddler Moms

Rainy days can be so challenging as a toddler mom. Some toddlers, like mine, stay BUSY. I learned pretty quickly that the easiest way to entertain a busy toddler is to take them outside! These rainy day tips for toddler moms help me survive those rainy days that keep us stuck inside!


Hide A Rainy Day Toy Box

This is my favorite of all of the rainy day tips for toddler moms! This trick has saved me on SO many rainy days. I have three small toy boxes for Artie: one upstairs, one downstairs, and one hidden rainy day toy box.

I alternate these three toy boxes every time we are stuck inside on a rainy day. When that hidden toy box comes out, I know my busy toddler will be entertained for at least an hour.

Since he hasn’t seen these toys in a while, he is much more amused by them than the toys he plays with every day. Pulling out that rainy day box always feels like a toddler Mom win!

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Try an indoor toddler scavenger hunt! Explore your home in a whole new way, looking for the items on your scavenger hunt!

toddler scavenger huntRainy Day Tips For Toddler Moms  

Get Creative!

Explore your child’s creativity! Play with Play-doh, spend time coloring, baking, or building. You can find more indoor activities for toddlers here!

Play In The Rain!

Take advantage of this rainy weather! Go outside and splash in the puddles! Watch the rain from your window and sing rainy day songs! Count the thunder and lightning!  

Get On The Floor

Take a break from your chores and get on the floor and play with your toddler! Spend some time together playing with their toys, reading to them, and having fun! The rain is a great excuse to slow down and enjoy each other. 

Have a Movie Day

I usually limit my son’s daily TV intake BUT sometimes you just have to give yourself a break! We put so much pressure on ourselves (at least I do) to be the perfect mom.

If you spend a day snuggling with your little one watching movies, let the guilt go! You both deserve to spend some time relaxing together. 

Get Active

You can still burn up that toddler energy without going outside! Turn on their favorite music and dance! Run! Jump! My son loves jumping out his energy on his indoor trampoline! 

trampoline for Rainy Day Tips For Toddler Moms 

Build A Fort Or Obstacle Course

Build your own fun! Use blankets, pillows, furniture, whatever you have around the house! Build a fort to hide in or an obstacle course to play on!

Get Out Of The House

Find a place to play indoors! Visit Grandma or a friends house. Check out a museum or indoor playground. Get out of the house while avoiding the rain.

Invite A Friend Over

It’s always nice to have some company! My little man doesn’t have siblings so he loves having a friend over to play with on rainy days! 


You can find my rainy day toddler schedule here!


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