The BEST Gifts For Baby’s First Christmas!

Artie’s first Christmas is coming up in a few months and I can’t believe he will be 11 months old! I could not be more excited to celebrate my favorite holiday with him, but when I pictured him opening his gifts on Christmas morning I wondered to myself… what are the best gifts for baby’s first Christmas?

Really, they may end up playing with the boxes more than the gifts that come in them! So how much should you spend? How many gifts should you buy?

I have answered all of these questions along with creating a list of the best gifts for Baby’s first Christmas! This list includes gifts for every age and budget!

0-3 Months

Under $20

This Starbright Symphony Toy by Baby Einstein is perfect for your little one! It lights up and plays 6 different classical symphonies. It also has a Velcro strap for an option to hang it over an activity gym, car seat, or stroller.
toy star, gifts for baby's first christmas

It’s never too early to buy your baby’s first set of books! These Dr. Seuss board books are perfect for babies of all ages!
books for baby's first christmas


This tummy time mat is adorable and can be used up to 3 years of age! Anything that grows with Baby is a winner!
tummy time mat, gifts for baby's first christmas

This talking jungle animal toy set is the perfect gift for Baby to enjoy through his first year! It comes with four jungle animals and a carrier to pack them in.
gifts for baby's first christmas, jungle animal basket


One of Artie’s favorites! This activity gym grows with Baby! It starts as an activity gym with hanging toys and can be converted into a play mat and/or ball pit! It comes with plastic balls to fill it with when Baby is older. You can remove the hanging toys for Baby to play with and the elephant that hangs above it has lights and music! I highly recommend this as a gift on Baby’s first Christmas!

gifts for baby's first christmas, happy baby



This non-toxic playmat is perfect for babies of all ages! It comes in a variety of designs and colors to match any nursery. There are even options for personalizing with Baby’s name!
playmat, gifts for baby's first christmas

3-6 Months

Under $20

Your baby will have so much fun playing with these floating bubble toys in the tub! They can be used starting at 4 months and are sure to provide months of bath time fun!
baby's first christmas gift list, bubble bath toys

Baby can start using this spinning discover wheel at 3 months! It has lights, 5 songs, and over 45 sounds!
spinning toy gift for baby's first christmas

This Baby Splash Pad is the perfect tummy time mat to build your baby’s strength while developing his sensory and motor skills!
splash pad baby christmas gift


Your baby will love looking at this arch hanging over his changing table or play pen! You can also add hanging toys with lights and music to entertain Baby! An excellent gift for Baby’s first Christmas!
stroller toy gifts for baby's first christmas


The Fisher-Price combo set will provide months of fun for babies learning to explore their toys!

learning toy baby christmas gift


This activity mat is perfect for Baby’s entire first year, even featuring an option to sit baby up!
play mat baby christmas gift


Artie loves this activity center! It is stationary so it is safe for Baby and he can start using it as early as 4 months old! It helps strengthen your baby’s legs and has a discovery window for learning cause and effect. The platform can be lowered for different heights and once Baby outgrows the activity center the platform becomes a table top for him to cruise around! Eventually the toys can be removed for Baby to use it as an art table. This one is sure to bring tons of fun for years to come!

gifts for baby's first christmas, baby enjoying his activity center


6-9 Months

Under $20

This lovey is something that can bring baby comfort for years! It is healthy for your baby to become attached to a security blanket or stuffed animal over the next few months. A snuggly gift for Baby’s first Christmas!
lovey baby christmas gift

At this age your baby’s fine motor skills are really starting to progress. Baby will love playing with these stacking cups and learning how they fit inside each other! An inexpensive gift that will provide hours of fun!
stacking cups, baby's first christmas gift ideas

This lift-a-flap Christmas board book is perfect for babies who are practicing their fine motor skills and learning cause and effect!
santa's workshop lift a flap book, gifts for baby's first christmas


This Discovery Music Activity Table provides education and entertainment for babies ages 6-36 months! Start with the legs off so baby can play on the floor and add them when baby starts pulling himself up!
christmas gifts for baby's first christmas, standing table toy with lights and sounds


The Fisher-Price Smart Stages Car has 3 levels of learning and exploring, making it perfect for babies between the ages of 6 months to 3 years!
car toy for baby's first christmas gift

This activity playset is an excellent choice for developing babies, ages 6-36 months. It includes sit and crawl options, providing opportunities for baby to explore and learn as they play!
first christmas gift ideas, playhouse

Baby Einstein’s Activity Jumper is great for entertaining your baby while engaging sensory and motor skills! Recommended for ages 6-12 months.
gifts for baby's first christmas activity jumper


The Fisher-Price Bright Beats Smart Touch Play Space is a fun way for Baby to learn from ages 6 months to 3 years! Baby will explore letters, numbers, and colors while enjoying a dance party! A fun gift for Baby’s first Christmas!
dancing music toy, gifts for baby's first christmas

9-12 Months

Under $20

Unleash your baby’s musical talent with his first guitar! This Baby Einstein guitar features lights and 10 musical melodies.

This set of sports balls was made for small hands! Six balls are included to introduce your baby to the world of sports!


Your little one will love this interactive Christmas book on their first Christmas!


Is your baby on the move? This sit-to-stand learning walker has lots of activity buttons for baby to play with while he’s practicing his new moves! It can be used from 9 months to 3 years,providing years of fun for a great price!

Your baby will love watching this star sky projection night light on the ceiling of his nursery! The best part about this gift is that it is great for all ages! It will be a while before your little one is no longer amazed by watching the night sky as he falls asleep at night!

This wooden activity center teaches baby how to sort shapes! A great gift for Baby’s first Christmas!
the best gift for baby's first christmas


The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn 3-in-1 Smart Car grows with your baby! It is appropriate for ages 9 months to 3 years with three stages of learning!

the best gifts for baby's first christmas, push car


Get your baby a Mercedes on their first Christmas! This car can be pushed by a baby who is learning to walk or ridden by an older baby.
mercedes car, gifts for baby's first christmas


This unique, wooden activity cube teaches baby farm animals, safe for ages 12 months+.
activity toy, gifts for baby's first christmas

This baby-safe rocking horse has a seat belt making it the perfect gift for little ones ages 1-3 years! Such a fun gift for Baby’s first Christmas!
rocking horse, gifts for baby's first christmas


This foam obstacle course is recommended for babies ages 9 months to 3 years old so Baby will be able to enjoy this one for years! It is a perfect indoor play area for your little one to toddle on! Update: My son got this obstacle course as a gift on his first Christmas and he still plays with it two years later!

gifts for baby's first christmas


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So how much should you spend on gifts for Baby’s first Christmas?

The answer to this question really depends on what makes YOU happy! Let’s face it, Baby will be content with a few spoons from the kitchen, but it doesn’t hurt to put a few gifts under the tree!

I will create a low budget for gifts on my baby’s first Christmas, and stick to it. He won’t remember the holiday but I definitely want to give him a few gifts to kick off our Christmas traditions!

I plan to choose one larger gift, that Artie will be able to enjoy for years to come, and several smaller gifts. Baby may not remember these gifts but your memories of Baby’s first Christmas are something you will always cherish!


I hope you find what you are looking for on The Best Gifts For Baby’s First Christmas!


Click here to download a printable packing list for your baby!

gifts for baby's first christmas, baby packing list printable


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