The Best Things About Being A Mom

18 months in, I have realized there are so many ups and downs of motherhood. I am writing this article for two reasons. Number 1: I LOVE being a mom! The ups are the best ups I have ever experienced! Number 2: The downs.I hope someone comes across this article on one of those hard days. There are days that all of us moms need to be reminded of the things we love most about being a mom. These are the best things about being a mom for me. What do you love most about being a mom?

The Firsts

This became one of my favorite parts of motherhood as soon as I saw Artie’s first smile. I absolutely love watching him develop and learn new things. There are so many firsts that keep motherhood exciting!

It’s not just about his first steps, and first words, but EVERY time he says a new word it feels like a time to celebrate! I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life celebrating Artie’s firsts!

The Hugs

There is nothing I love more than an Artie hug! When he was a newborn I longed for the days Artie could return the affection I felt for him, and those days are finally here! It makes my day when I get a surprise running hug from Artie!



I was NEVER a morning person before I became a mom. I still have a hard time dragging myself out of bed sometimes, but as soon as I go into Artie’s room and see his smile peeking over the rails of his crib I am wide awake! For me, there is no better way to start the day!

Date Night

I have truly never enjoyed our date nights as much as I do now! We used to take nights out to dinner or a movie for granted but now those nights are so rare that it feels like a vacation! As parents we need that time together every now and then!


Simple outings like going out to lunch, going to the park, or local pool, were never as much fun as they are now! It’s so much fun seeing the excitement and wonder in Artie’s eyes as he experiences new things. Whether he is trying new foods, or splashing in the water, I am enjoying these little moments as much as he is!




Being a mom has inspired me to do things I never thought I would. I want to be the best mother and role model I can, because I know that’s what Artie deserves. Being a mom has inspired me to quit bad habits, start new GOOD habits, and even start a blog!

I never even knew I enjoyed writing but I have also never been as passionate about anything as I am about being a mom. It has inspired me to be the best person I can be and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us on this journey!


These are the best things about being a mom for me. I would LOVE to hear what the best parts of being a mom are for you! Let me know in the comments!


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