The Easiest Way To Get Rid Of Crumbs In Your Baby’s Highchair

I don’t know if this is considered a hack or not… maybe it’s just common sense… but for me it was a GAME CHANGER! Before this, there was nothing more frustrating than trying to get all of those little crumbs out of the corners of Artie’s highchair, only for him to make a new mess of crumbs at his next meal. It was a never ending cycle of crumbs. Then I found the easiest way to get rid of crumbs in your baby’s highchair!

Then I got my Dustbuster! No more wiping away crumbs that just won’t budge and seem to multiply with each scrub. Just a few seconds with my handheld vacuum and all of the crumbs are gone! The Dustbuster is cordless so it’s perfect for cleaning carseat crumbs too!

I highly recommend the Dustbuster for ALL MOMS!!! Looking for a practical gift for the mom in your life? Look no further!


Use your handheld vacuum to get rid of highchair crumbs in seconds!!! This is BY FAR the easiest way to get rid of crumbs in your baby’s highchair!

Click here for printable toddler scavenger hunts!





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