3 Things That Dramatically Increased My Blog Traffic

When I wrote my first blog post on August 17, 2018 I was prepared to see very little growth in my blog traffic over the next six months. I knew blogging was a career that would take patience and determination. Luckily I discovered these three things that dramatically increased my blog traffic!

Those first few weeks I was happy to see that ANYONE was reading my blog, and I made my first dollar  (literally $1) through affiliate marketing!

I did tons of research and promoted my blog every day over the next three months. In less than four months, I am so excited to have reached over 10,000 views per month!

My expectations were so low that I have absolutely been blown away by these results! I have adjusted my goals and can’t wait to see how my blog continues to grow. I am excited to share the three things that dramatically increased my blog traffic!


When I started my blog, in August, I did a ton of research on how to increase my blog traffic. There was one thing I read in every post and that was Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest!

Before I started blogging I had a Pinterest account but I only had two followers and two boards, neither of which were related to my blog topics. I wasn’t sure where to start, but I knew I had a long way to go!

I needed to get more followers and create pins for my blog posts. Three months later, I have close to 1000 followers and 11,000 engaged Pinterest viewers each month! How did I do it?

Pin Every Day!

The best way to increase the number of followers and viewers you have is to pin, pin, pin! Pin your own content, but also pin the content of other bloggers. Don’t just pin random posts, but quality articles from bloggers with similar topics.

Supporting other bloggers will actually increase your own traffic on Pinterest. The more pins you share, the more relevant you become on Pinterest. Pinterest will know what type of content you pin based on the content you share.

Pinterest is a combination of two things: A social media platform and a search engine. If you don’t pin, you won’t show up for your followers, or on the Pinterest home page.

You can see on the graph at the top of the page, my traffic dramatically increased in September. All of this traffic came from Pinterest! In August I had only 300 blog viewers and in September I had 6,000 unique visitors to my blog!

The graph below will show that on September 10, one of my pins went viral, with almost 2,000 views in one day! That post continued to get a steady number of views over the next few weeks.

I had been blogging less than a month, so I didn’t have enough content to take full advantage of that viral pin, but next time I will be ready! This is the post that went viral, and continues to be one of my most popular articles.





Create Fresh, Attractive Pins

It is important to create pins that appeal to your viewers. People like things that look nice! I am far from a graphic artist so this is something that took me a while to perfect…

My pins went from this…












To This!



These are both pin images for the same article. Which one are you more likely to click on? Even though these pins are for the same article, the second pin has a MUCH higher save average!

It is important to make sure that, not only is the pin attractive, but that the title is appealing. I also recommend creating multiple pins for each post. Every time I create a new pin for an old article, I immediately see more traffic driven to that post, even if I have been regularly pinning the original pin.

Check out this site for tips on how to create the perfect pin. There is one important feature I haven’t mentioned about Pinterest yet…

Group Boards!

Joining group boards allows you to collaborate with other bloggers on their boards. This allows your content to be seen by thousands of Pinteresters, outside of your own followers. Posting your articles to group boards allows it to reach a much larger audience.

I have had the best results from pinning my content to niche specific boards. There are group boards that promote all bloggers, but as a mom blogger, I receive the most shares on mom blogging group boards.

You can use this site to find group boards to join. Looking for other ways to promote your pins?

Use Tailwind!

I absolutely love Tailwind! It is a Pinterest scheduler and promoter that has increased my blog traffic and saved me so much time!

Tailwind is a network of bloggers that join niche specific “tribes” to promote their content on Pinterest or Instagram. You can post your pins on Tailwind and other members of the tribe can easily promote your content to their own Pinterest boards. 

Most tribes require members to pin other bloggers content so you can expect shares on each of your pins. This is another great opportunity to reach a wider audience!

Another feature I mentioned is the pin scheduler. Tailwind will schedule your pins to be shared on different boards throughout the day. You can set them up to post through Tailwind so you don’t have to post each pin manually.

Tailwind’s “Smart Scheduler” will share your pins at the most ideal times, when pinners are more likely to interact with your pin. Click here to receive a free month of Tailwind!


After a slow month in October, and failed attempts to generate blog traffic on Instagram and Twitter, I became active on Facebook. After deleting my original account years ago, I wasn’t sure if it was the right way to promote my blog.

I started using Facebook on November 5 and you can see, on the graph below, the increase in blog traffic I have experienced since that week. The steady traffic I received from promoting my blog on Facebook brought in as many viewers in November as my viral pin did in September. How did I use Facebook to increase my blog traffic?

Facebook Groups

As bloggers, we are lucky to be part of a community that is so willing to help one another. There is a wonderful network of bloggers that are connected through Facebook.

My blog is a “mom blog”, so most of the Facebook groups I joined are specific to my niche. Some of these groups are purely for networking and communicating, while others have daily incentives to promote each other’s work.

Look for Facebook groups in your niche and become an active participant in the blogging community. You will see an instant increase in your blog traffic as a result.




Create More Content

The more content you have, the more opportunities you have to drive traffic to your blog. Creating more articles means more pins to pin on Pinterest, and more posts to promote on Facebook.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how this can increase your traffic. Basically, 100 posts will bring in way more traffic than 5 posts. Keep in mind, it is important to create quality posts, if you are spitting out work you aren’t proud of, it is unlikely those articles will be successful.

Choose Topics Your Are Passionate About

When creating content, you will gain more traffic when you write articles on topics you are passionate about. Creating my blog has given me an outlet to express how passionate I am about being a mom.

I have enjoyed writing every article, but articles I care deeply about always bring in far more traffic. For example, my article “5 Things I Started Doing When I Became A Mom” brings in WAY more viewers than my post on “The Best Baby Activity Centers”.

I am just not as enthusiastic about activity centers as I am about being a mom! Your viewers want to read the posts you are excited write!

I plan to try more strategies to increase my blog traffic like collaborating with other bloggers and writing seasonal posts. I also can’t wait to see the effects of SEO on my blog! I will continue to update this post as my blog continues to grow.

Hopefully one day the title will be TEN Things That Dramatically Increased My Blog Traffic! I am only three months in, so I would love to hear what helped you increase your blog traffic in the comments below!



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