Tips and Tricks for Your 6 Month Old Baby!

Our babies are always growing and changing. As soon as you get the newborn phase down, your baby is 6 months old!  Before we know it this first year will be over and we will have toddlers on our hands! These tips and tricks for your 6 month old will help you navigate through this next phase!

Being a parent requires constantly adapting to your child’s needs. The few months after your baby reaches 6 months will be such an important time because he is doing so many new things, from learning to crawl to eating solids.

Artie is now 9 months old and watching him explore and develop has been so amazing! I have created this list of tips and tricks for your  6 month old baby so you can be prepared for all of the exciting changes!


1. Safety

Now that your baby is 6 months old he will be on the move! If your little one is attempting to flip over on his changing table, try giving him toys to distract him.

If your baby is still rolling and moving while you are changing him, it may be time to retire the changing table. It is much safer to change a squirmy baby on the floor. NEVER leave your baby on a bed or changing table unattended, even for a second.

Baby proof your home and don’t use a baby walker with wheels. These types of walkers are dangerous and can actually delay walking so opt for a stationary activity center instead.

Artie loves playing in this one and it has helped strengthen his little legs! You can find all of my favorite Products For Your Six Month Old Baby here!


2. Choking

Everything that goes into your baby’s hands will end up in his mouth. Never give your baby anything that could be a choking hazard.

Babies can choke on anything smaller than a toilet paper roll so keep this in mind when introducing new toys to your little one. I highly recommend taking an Infant CPR course to prepare yourself for the worst case scenario.

3. Scatter Pacifiers in Baby’s Crib

If your baby uses a pacifier for sleeping, it is best to drop a few throughout his crib. This way if your baby swats one onto the floor, he will be able to find another pacifier and replace it. No more searching for the missing binky in your baby’s dark nursery!

4.  Starting Solids

Trying new foods is such a fun experience to enjoy with your baby! Introduce new foods early in the day so you will notice if your baby has an allergic reaction.

I also prefer to introduce new foods during the week when Artie’s doctors office is open, so if I have any questions they will be there to answer.

It is also important to know your choices when starting solids. You can find baby food in jars or pouches at your local grocery store, including organic options.

An easy way to save money is by making your own baby food! Always check with your pediatrician before introducing solids into your baby’s diet.

5. Boost Your Baby’s Development

Verbal Skills

During these months your baby is hanging onto every word you say! Talk to him as often as possible about what you are doing and everything around him.

Whether you are changing his diaper or feeding him a new food, tell him all about it. Your baby will love listening to you name and describe his toys to him, or even everyday household items. Read books and sing to your baby to introduce even more new words!

Motor Skills

At 6 months your baby will be ready to take tummy time to a whole new level! Get on the floor with your baby and show him how it’s done! He will be so excited to try out his new moves and explore your home.

This is an exciting time for the two of you to enjoy learning together! Your baby should play independently as well, but spending time with him will help develop strong motor skills.

6. Protect Your Baby From Germs

It is so fun to take your baby out and about at this age. They are so full of wonder and amusement when they visit a new place! On the other hand, you must also remember how important it is to protect your little one from germs, especially during flu season.

Menus, high chairs, and shopping carts can be some of the dirtiest things your baby will encounter on outings to stores and restaurants. Use baby-safe hand sanitizer and this shopping cart/high chair cover to protect your baby from germs that are dangerous to their developing immune system.

7. Freeze Teethers in Separate Bags

This age is all about teething! When your little one’s gums are swollen and painful you will be so relieved to have cold teethers ready to go! Keep them in separate Ziploc bags so they are easy to grab with your baby in your arms.

These non-toxic, freezer safe teethers help soothe Artie when he has a tooth coming through. Never freeze teethers unless they are meant to be or it could cause more harm to your baby’s sensitive gums. Teethers filled with gel, like this, can only be cooled in the refrigerator.

8. Give Your Baby a Spoon

As your baby begins to enjoy eating solids, he may become interested in feeding himself. Artie lunges at his spoon, with both hands, every chance he gets!

To prevent making a huge mess, I give Artie his own spoon so he can practice holding it while I feed him. This tip also works for brushing Baby’s teeth!

9. The 8 Month Sleep Regression is Real!

I am including this in my tips and tricks for your 6 month old baby because no one warned me until it was too late! At this time your little one is developing so much that he may want to stay up all day and night practicing his new skills!

Artie has been such a great sleeper since he reached 4 months old so I was very caught off guard when he started refusing naps and waking in the middle of the night.

It lasted a few weeks and faded away until he was napping like a pro and sleeping through the night again. Just keep doing what you’re doing and it will be over before you know it (hopefully)!

10. Moving Baby to His Crib

If you have been co-sleeping with your baby in your room you may decide that he is now ready to move to his own room. Create a safe sleep environment for your baby by removing any pillows, blankets, or stuffed animals from the crib. Do not use bumpers and cover the mattress with a fitted sheet.

Use a sound machine and blackout curtains to provide the perfect sleep environment for your baby. Start using the sound machine in your own room so your little one will be familiar with the sounds when he moves to his own room. This will help him adjust and feel more comfortable.

Your baby may start drinking more formula or breast milk before bed so use nighttime diapers to keep him dry. The first few nights will be hard but being able to see your baby on a video baby monitor will make the transition easier, almost like having your baby right next to you!

Let me know in the comments if you have more tips and tricks for your 6 month old baby!


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