Toddler Hacks That Every Toddler Mom Will Love!

Has anyone really figured out the toddler? My son is almost 3 years old and I certainly haven’t mastered toddlerhood. Toddlers are always changing, exploring, and developing. As soon as we think we have it all figured out, you discover an entirely new challenge. Toddlerhood definitely keeps us moms on our toes! No matter how far into toddlerhood you are, these are toddler hacks that every mom will love!

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Hide Veggies In Their Favorite Foods

Having trouble getting your picky toddler to eat their vegetables? Get creative and sneak them into their favorites! Whether you stir broccoli in with their mac n cheese, or bake zucchini into there muffins, there are SO many ways to pack veggies into your toddler’s meals. You can find more ways to sneak those veggies in here!

Keep Little Hands Out Of Dirty Diapers

Toddler’s will do pretty much anything to avoid their naps… including reaching into their diapers and spreading a very smelly mess all over their walls. If your toddler starts painting with their poo, try dressing them in footless pajamas that zip, but turn them backwards. This way they can’t get those little hands into their diapers.

Teach Them How To Clean

One of the more efficient ways to keep your toddler busy is by letting them help you clean. Teach them how to throw away their own trash, hand you the dishes from the dishwasher, and my favorite, how to use the dust buster. EVERY toddler mom needs a dust buster to collect all of those little crumbs! You can find more tips for keeping your house clean with a toddler here!


Say Goodbye To The Pacifier In A Positive Way

Getting rid of the pacifier can be a huge adjustment for our toddlers but it doesn’t have to be complete torture. Sure, there will be some hard moments while your toddler adjusts, but there are ways to add some fun into the pacifier farewell.

Some moms take their children to the store to exchange the pacifier for a new toy. Other families drop their toddler’s pacifier off at the park. We walked to our mailbox and sent the pacifier to “another baby”.

Add a little joy to this experience to make this change a little easier on your toddler. You can read more about our experience and find more tips for getting rid of the pacifier here!

Put Them On The Potty As Soon As They Wake Up

This tip is for when your toddler is in that in between phase of potty training, they are using the potty during the day but still sleep in pull ups or diapers. Put them on the potty as soon as they start waking up, don’t let them play in their room for a while before you go in to get them. This way you will know if they are wetting themselves at night or if they are ready to go when they wake up.

This one can be difficult, especially if you have an early riser and want to enjoy those last few minutes in bed. It will pay off when you realize your toddler doesn’t have wet diapers through the night and you can stop paying for pull ups!

Don’t Store Toys In Their Bedroom

If your little one is out of their crib and able to move around their room at bedtime, take their toys out of their room. This will prevent your toddler from playing with their toys when they should be sleeping.



Alternate Toys

Prevent boredom by alternating your toddler’s toys. Keep one set of toys hidden and alternate them week to week or month to month. This way the hidden toys will feel new again once you pull them back out.

Meal Prep

I was never a fan of meal prepping until I became a toddler mom. It’s so much easier when I make chicken in bulk for several days worth of lunches. I will bake extra with dinner for leftovers or make a few chicken breasts in the crock pot to shred. This helps me provide healthy meals for my toddler, without spending extra time in the kitchen.

Put Medicine In A Pouch

If your toddler runs at the sight of a medicine cup, this is the tip for you! Use a syringe to put the medicine in a pouch and they will think it is just a tasty treat.

Choose a pouch you know they like and don’t let them see you put the medicine in, otherwise they will run for the hills! Check with your pediatrician before mixing their medicine to make sure it is safe.

Ask For To Go Silverware At Restaurants

If you are dining out with your toddler and the large table silverware won’t work for them, ask for plastic to go silverware. Most restaurants will offer this and it will be the perfect size for your toddler. You can find more tips for dining out with your toddler here!

Have Fun With Your Toddler!

Your child will only be a toddler once so enjoy this time while it lasts! Nothing will ever be as new as it is during toddlerhood. There are so many exciting, fun experiences to share with your little one! Have fun with your toddler!


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