Toddler Quesadillas For Lunch!

When Artie moved on from purees and started eating more solid foods, I struggled to find meals that were nutritious enough for my son. I felt a responsibility as his mother to provide the best diet possible for him. Toddler quesadillas became a way to provide a healthy meal for my son that he enjoyed!

Breakfast and dinner were easy, I just gave him diced up or deconstructed versions of what I was having. Since I don’t usually eat a big lunch myself, I was stumped when it came time to create nutritious lunches for Artie.

I knew I wanted Artie’s meals to include a lot of variety and color (i.e. nutrition) but I wasn’t exactly sure where to start. Most people eat sandwiches or salads for lunch don’t they?

These options didn’t seem like the right fit for my young toddler. It was time to get creative! That’s when I discovered toddler quesadillas for lunch!

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Toddler Quesadillas For Lunch!

I bought a pack of whole wheat, organic tortillas and filled them with protein and veggies I had readily available in my fridge. Just fold the tortilla in half, heat it on the stove or skillet for a few minutes and you have an easy, delicilous lunch for your toddler!

I am so excited to create lunches that are nutritious and easy to cut into bite sized pieces that are safe for my son.

Artie loves quesadillas, even when they are stuffed with veggies! Here is a list of quesadillas that have all been Artie approved! Toddler quesadillas have become a lunchtime staple in our home.

They are easier for Artie to eat and don’t fall apart like a sandwich. I usually just use what I have leftover from the night before and add some veggies!

Tip: I add spinach to almost every quesadilla I make for Artie. I keep a container of washed baby spinach in my fridge so it’s easy to add this superfood to any recipe!

Keep in mind I am not a chef or nutritionist. I am just a normal mom who wants to feed her son the best!



Small, chopped pieces of bacon, shredded lettuce, and diced tomato. Add a little cheese so it all sticks together! Yum!

Turkey Taco

After Taco Tuesday, use your leftovers to make a taco quesadilla for a delicious lunch on Wednesday! Add the ground turkey or beef and finish with your toddlers favorite taco toppings!

Cheeseburger Quesadilla

Did you grill cheeseburgers over the weekend? Fill a tortilla with the leftover beef chopped into small pieces, and finish with diced tomatoes and cheese.

Spinach and Cheese

This is a quick and simple, yet nutritious quesadilla. Just shred a few spinach leaves and add shredded cheese for a fresh lunch your baby will love! You can make things a little more interesting by adding more toppings like diced tomatoes or onions!


Substitute the cheese with hummus! You can fill a hummus quesadilla with any veggies or toppings your toddler likes! Artie likes thin avocado slices or sautéed spinach on his!


Fill your tortilla with scrambled eggs, cheese, and bacon or sausage for a protein filled meal your toddler can enjoy any time of the day!

Grilled Chicken

I grill a chicken breast for Artie to enjoy over several meals. This classic chicken and cheese quesadillas can be filled with any toppings you like!

Spinach Artichoke

I made a spinach artichoke dip for a cookout and Artie absolutely loved the quesadilla I made with it! Just spread the dip over the tortilla, fold in half and heat.


Artie loves avocado anything! You can add avocado slices to a cheese quesadilla or mash the avocado to hold the quesadilla together without cheese.


Fill your tortilla with chopped ham, cheese and fresh toppings.


An easy option that can be filled with any toppings you like! Get creative with your Thanksgiving leftovers!


Add mozzarella cheese and a little marinara sauce to create a pizza quesadilla your toddler will love! Have fun adding your favorite pizza toppings!

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken, swiss cheese, and ham! Add spinach or other fresh veggies to add more nutrients to this one!

Buffalo Chicken

I make buffalo chicken lettuce wraps for dinner a few times a month. I use the leftover chicken to create a spicy quesadilla that Artie loves!

Chicken Bacon

Grilled chicken, bacon bits, and cheese! Artie likes this one filled with diced tomatoes.  Add a little dressing to make it a chicken, bacon, ranch quesadilla!

Shrimp Quesadilla

Chop shrimp into small pieces and fill the tortilla with cheese and veggies!

Steak and Cheese

Shred and heat leftover steak to create a declicious steak quesadilla! This can be filled with any veggies including onions, peppers, spinach, tomatoes, etc.


I can’t wait to see what kinds of toddler quesadillas you make for lunch! Please share your recipes and photos in the comments!

How do you make sure your toddler gets enough nutrients in their diet?

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