Toys Your Toddler Will Play With Everyday

When Christmas and Birthdays roll around, as parents we dread the toys that will add to the inevitable clutter that comes with toddlerhood. My son has SO many toys… some he has played with once or twice, some he plays with every now and then, and then there those toys that he plays with EVERY day. These are the toys he runs to when he wakes up in the morning and that he wants to play with just a little longer before bedtime. If your child is anything like mine, THESE are the toys your toddler will play with everyday!


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Obstacle Course

We got this obstacle course for Artie on his first Christmas, when he was 11 months old. He loved it then and now that he is two he STILL plays with it every single day. At first the blocks helped him develop his motor skills, he took his first steps within weeks of purchasing this set!

Now that he is older he still climbs on the obstacle course but also stacks the big blocks to build a tower, just so he can knock it down of course! This is one of my favorite toys Artie has, he has gotten so much use out of it and it has also helped him develop!


Artie got this easel for Christmas and he absolutely LOVES it! He asks to paint every single day. There are two sides to the easel, a marker board and a chalk board, which gives your child three different ways to explore their creativity! This paint set is perfect for storing the paint, prevents spilling and is so easy to set up.


Waffle Blocks

My son absolutely LOVES these waffle blocks. We have had them for months and he still builds with them every day. There are so many different ways to use them and their versatility will keep your toddler from growing board of them.

With these blocks you can build tunnels, forts, towers, fences, and SO much more!


My son loves books! I have read to him every day since he was born and he loves to look at them on his own too. His latest set of books featuring the characters from Paw Patrol have quickly become his favorite! He also loves Dear Zoo which has flaps to flip open and reveal the animals!


Their Own Space

Artie immediately fell in love with this ball pit, he loves to hide in it and play with his toys. It’s own little private space to hide when he wants to be alone. He got this on his second birthday and plays in it every day. A tent or playhouse is another option to give your toddler their own space.

Cooking Set

Artie has played with his grill set every day since he got it on his second Christmas. He loves pretending to cook and turning the knobs all the way up, just like Daddy does! He pretends the grill is hot and it’s a great distraction. Anytime I need to keep him busy I just ask him to make me a hot dog! This is the toy he runs to first every morning, I guess he wants to help me make breakfast LOL!

Push Car

Artie got this push car for his first Christmas, when he was 11 months old. Back then he always had the biggest smile when we pushed him around our home. Now his feet can reach the ground and he loves to scoot himself around. He pushes the car on his own and flips it upside down to “work on it” like a mechanic! It’s so fun to watch him explore toys that he has had for so long in such a new way!


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