Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday! It’s not because of the presents, but because of the nostalgia and excitement that comes with continuing our family traditions each year. There are so many traditions you can choose from, but can your baby participate their first year? Artie’s first Christmas is one month away and I could not be more excited to share our family traditions with him and even start new ones of our own! If you are as excited as I am, check out my list of traditions to start on Baby’s first Christmas!

Stocking Stuffers

Fill your baby’s stocking with age appropriate toys! There are so many things you can fill your little one’s stocking with like pacifiers, teethers, and toys! You can choose a personalized Baby’s First Christmas Stocking or opt for a classic set, like this, that will last your family many years to come!

Matching Pajamas

How cute are these matching Christmas pajamas? I can’t wait to wake up in our matching PJ’s on Artie’s first Christmas morning! This is a tradition that you can start now and continue throughout your baby’s childhood. Take pictures together each year and try to outdo last year’s PJ’s!

One Gift on Christmas Eve

Growing up this was one of my favorite Christmas traditions. As a child, it’s so exciting to get a little taste of Christmas the night before! As a family we would each open one gift before bedtime, and the rest on Christmas Day. I definitely plan to continue this fun tradition with Artie, starting on his very first Christmas!

Christmas Tree

Whether your tree is real or fake, tall or small, start your Christmas Tree traditions with Baby this year! If you prefer a fake tree this one is beautiful! It looks SO real and comes already lit! We will take Artie to pick out our tree on Black Friday, and decorate it while listening to Christmas music (Mariah Carey Christmas on Pandora)! I love kicking off Christmas as soon as possible so we can celebrate all month long! *Never leave your little one unattended with the Christmas tree! Ornaments can be broken and hooks can be swallowed!

Elf on the Shelf

If you have a young baby it may be too early to start playing hide and seek with your Elf on the Shelf, but if your baby is on the move, why not start this year? Hide the elf on low shelves or furniture so your little one notices it while exploring your home. He may not find it every day but it will be exciting for everyone when he does! If your baby is too young to find the elf take a photo of them together to show your child when he is older, and has grown to love this fun tradition!

Cookies for Santa

Leave cookies and milk out for Santa starting on Baby’s first Christmas! Your little one might be too young to help bake Santa’s cookies this year, but It will be a fun and delicious treat for Mom and Dad!

Family Christmas Card

Take a photo together and send out an annual, family Christmas card! You can sign the card from Baby using his footprint! Check it out here!

Favorite Christmas Movie

I don’t usually encourage Artie to watch TV but we can make an exception on Christmas right?! This is a great way to get your family together for some hot chocolate and a few laughs! My favorite Christmas movie is Jim Carrey’s The Grinch! What are your favorite Christmas movies?

Annual Event

Whether you attend a church service or a local Christmas event, start this tradition on your baby’s first Christmas! A town near mine requires every resident to decorate their home so the entire town lights up. Cars line up for miles to drive through the Christmas town! We kicked off Artie’s first Christmas by visiting a local garden decorated with lights!




It is never too soon to start teaching our children the importance of giving.  A great way to donate during the holidays is to fill a shoe box with small gifts, through Operation Christmas Child. You can provide Christmas for a child that would not have one otherwise. For busy moms there is even an option to build your shoe box online!

Make an Ornament

Let your child get creative and make a homemade ornament to hang on the tree each year! You can use this kit to imprint your baby’s handprint on their first ornament, or let your child paint one of these blank ornaments each year.

Read Christmas Books

I read a book to Artie every night as part of his bedtime routine. Introduce your favorite Christmas stories to your baby during the month of December, and enjoy reading them over and over again each year!



Meal With Family

Plan a meal to have as a family each year! Whether you meet for dinner on Christmas Eve or lunch on Christmas Day, this will be a wonderful time for your family to spend together! Keep it simple or include your extended family members and a gift exchange! This is a tradition that will last a lifetime.

Christmas Village

Start a Christmas Village on your baby’s first Christmas! Set it up in your home when you decorate for the holidays and add a new piece every year! This is a wonderful tradition that can be passed down for generations.

Track Santa

Start the excitement early and see what Santa is up to starting December 1! Your baby may not understand this year, but Mom and Dad can have fun tracking Santa too! As your child grows older they will love checking in on Santa as Christmas draws near!


What traditions will your family start on Baby’s first Christmas? Let me know in the comments!


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22 thoughts on “Traditions To Start On Baby’s First Christmas”

  1. I love these traditions! The holidays are so much fun now that I have kids. It really makes it so much more special. We do Christmas Eve pajamas that we open and get to wear all night and have for Christmas morning. This year we are starting a Christmas Eve box! And I can’t wait until my girls are old enough to start Elf on the Shelf. ❤️

  2. Thank you for your great idea’s. I can’t wait for my baby girl to be bigger so we can decorate the tree together and make our own little crafts projects.
    Never heard of tracking Santa but I love the idea. I am going to check it out the first of December.

  3. This is brilliant! We don’t celebrate Christmas but it’s such a brilliant and fun festival , and kids get so hyped up about it in school that we do loads of activities. And this was great and simple that anyone could follow!! It’s a beautiful tome of year . Lovely post

  4. This is brilliant! We don’t celebrate Christmas but it’s such a brilliant and fun festival , and kids get so hyped up about it in school that we do loads of activities. And this was great and simple that anyone could follow!! It’s a beautiful tome of year .

  5. Oh I love all of these ideas!! All wonderful! We do many of these with our three kiddos and cherish them and I also found a few to start! How wonderful! Thank you!

  6. Growing up we opened up one gift of Christmas Eve. With my two little ones we do salt dough ornaments each year with some kind of way to incorporate a hand print. We do these with our neighbor and her kids to give away as gifts to family members and have a keepsake for our tree each year.

  7. We don’t participate in the holidays but love that you have all these activities to do. Family tradition always brings families together. Great post.

  8. These are great ideas. I am thinking on doing the elf this year since our daughter is a little bit bigger. We done seen some Christmas lights and for this year we are not using a real tree so next year definitely shopping for tree again. Thank you for these great ideas.

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