Traditions To Start On Baby’s First Thanksgiving

One of the most exciting parts of becoming a parent are THE FIRSTS! I soaked up every first my son had during his first year, and every first he has had since then! That first year is so fun because EVERYTHING is a first! Every milestone, every event, and every holiday! Make those holidays extra special by beginning your family’s holiday traditions! I hope you get a few ideas from this list of traditions to start on Baby’s first Thanksgiving!



There are so many beautiful Thanksgiving and Fall decorations to choose from! Start your decoration collection on baby’s first Thanksgiving and add to it every year! When your little one is older you will have a great time decorating together!

Turkey Handprint

You can have fun with crafts at any age! Start with the classic turkey handprint to track how much your baby’s hand has grown each Thanksgiving! You can even put them together in a frame to hang on the wall! Find more ideas for Thanksgiving crafts here!

thanksgiving crafts, traditions to start on baby's first thanksgiving



Visit An Apple Orchard

Do you have an apple orchard in your area? We have a local apple orchard that everyone starts buzzing about as soon as Fall rolls around. There are hayrides, games, apple picking, activities, and so many ciders to try! Our family loves visiting around Thanksgiving to get us in the holiday spirit!

Read Thanksgiving Books

We love to read to our son and the holidays are a great excuse to add to his book collection! Choose a different book to read every night the week of Thanksgiving!

baby's first thanksgiving book

Watch A Parade

You can visit a local parade or watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade from the comfort of your own home!

Thanksgiving Meal

Most of us enjoy a Thanksgiving meal with family each year, but what is your family’s tradition? Do you go out to a restaurant? Does your family order ahead? Do you prepare your meal at home? Do you have a nontraditional meal on Thanksgiving? Now is your chance to start your own traditions on Baby’s first Thanksgiving!

Collect Thanksgiving Toys

If Thanksgiving is your favorite holiday you can pass on your appreciation for the holiday beginning on Baby’s first Thanksgiving! Start a collection of Thanksgiving themed toys or stuffed animals, adding a special new toy for each year!

collectible turkey, traditions to start on baby's first thanksgiving

Picture With A Pumpkin

Such a fun tradition to start on Baby’s first Thanksgiving! Take a picture of your cutie with a pumpkin each year! Put them together in a frame like this to hang when your little one is older.

frame for Thanksgiving pumpkin pictures


Your child is never too young to start lending a hand! Start a tradition that gives back to others like donating or volunteering at a local soup kitchen. You can find many more ways to make a difference on Thanksgiving here!

Dress Up

Choose a special outfit for your baby each Thanksgiving, or even for the entire family!

turkey outfit, traditions to start on baby's first thanksgivingtraditions to start on baby's first thanksgiving

Watch Thanksgiving Movies

Some like to watch football, others like shows, or movies. Choose what fits your family and make it a tradition! I love to watch old Thanksgiving episodes of Friends around this time of year! Watch a classic like A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, together as a family!

charlie brown thanksgiving dvd, traditions to start on baby's first thanksgiving

Start A Scrapbook

Start a scrapbook on your baby’s first Thanksgiving! Add one or two pages each year to fill it with all of your Thanksgiving memories! Scrapbooking is also a great way to celebrate Christmas or Baby’s first year!

Make Your Own Traditions!

Create traditions that are unique to your own family. We don’t have many turkey fans in my family so we pair our honey baked ham with prime rib on Thanksgiving! It’s a delicious tradition that we all enjoy each year! I’d love to hear your family’s special traditions! Share them in the comments!




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