What To Pack For Boating With Your Baby

Whether you decide to bring your baby boating during their first summer, or their second or third, there are some things you will not want to leave the dock without! Find out What To Pack For Boating With Your Baby!

We live near a lake and one of my favorite things to do has always been going out on our boat. I was hesitant to bring my son, Artie out on the boat last summer… he was just so little.

Last year we only went out once, and he slept the whole time, but this year we go out every chance we get and he loves it! He is almost a year and a half and for me, that year of growth made a huge difference in my comfort level with him on the boat.


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Always protect your baby’s sensitive skin from the sun. I love this mineral based sunscreen and it is so easy to apply!


Life Jacket

Legally, infants and toddlers are required to wear a lifejacket on a boat.  Infants will require more support from their life jacket than toddlers, so choose the appropriate life jacket based on your baby’s weight. Never bring your baby on a boat if they do not meet minimum weight requirements!


SPF Swimsuit

Find a swimsuit with SPF to provide comfort and additional sun protection for your baby.


A hat like this will protect your baby’s scalp from sun exposure, and shield your baby’s eyes from the sun.


Keep your baby hydrated! Whether your baby is drinking formula, breastmilk, cows milk, or water, make sure you bring what they need to stay hydrated.



Bring plenty of snacks for your little one to enjoy on the boat. When Artie starts getting antsy I pull out these teething snacks to keep him occupied. They are perfect for him to eat on the go. He also loves these pouches when we are out on the boat!

Swim Diapers

If you plan on your baby getting wet, make sure you bring the appropriate diapers. I love Pampers Splashers for keeping my son comfortable when he is in the water.


If you plan on parking your boat and want to keep your baby cool, bring a small tub or pool for them to sit in on the boat. Never leave your baby unattended on the boat or in any amount of water!


If you plan on your baby getting off of the boat, and into the water, a supportive float like this will ensure that your baby doesn’t get a mouthful of lake water!



Don’t forget towels to dry off. The last thing you want is an uncomfortable, wet baby when it is time to get off of the boat. Artie looks so comfy when I wrap him up in his hooded beach towel!

Change of Clothes

Pack a change of clothes for your little one and for yourself. I always bring along a plastic bag for our wet clothes.

Diaper Bag

When you bring your baby on a boat always hope for the best but prepare for the worst! Bring along your diaper bag so you are ready for anything! You can find 10 Things I Always Keep In My Diaper Bag here!





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