What To Pack For Your Toddler At The Beach

A beach trip with your toddler can be one of the best or worst events of your summer. As long as you are prepared you will have a great time! It’s all about knowing what to pack for your toddler on the beach!

We had so much fun chasing Artie around the beach! It was so exciting to see his reaction to the ocean this year. Last year he was scared of the waves but this year he couldn’t get enough!

Sure there is sand, saltwater, and sun working against you but these items will make sure your family has a great time with your toddler on the beach!

You can find printable coloring pages for learning numbers and shapes here! Made for toddlers!


One of the most important things to remember is to apply, and reapply sunscreen to protect your toddlers sensitive skin. Keep your baby covered in SPF to prevent sunburn. I love the Babyganics tear-free spray on sunscreen. It’s so easy to apply an has proven to be effective when Artie is out in the sun. This is a MUST HAVE when deciding what to pack for your toddler at the beach.


Another way to protect your toddler’s skin is by keeping them covered! If you see Artie on the beach he will be dressed from head to toe! Swimsuits like these for boys and girls have extra UPF sun protection.


Keep the sun out of your little one’s eyes, while also protecting their face with a hat. Something simple like this is all you need.


This is one thing you didn’t need when you brought your infant to the beach! Now your toddler will be running all over that hot sand and their little toes will need to be protected! These sandals are comfortable and easy to clean!


Bring an inflatable pool to the beach to keep your toddler cool and entertained on the beach. It’s also an easy way to rinse off the sand when you are ready to leave the beach! Depending on your child, you may just need something small like this. We went with a larger option and it took a LOT of buckets to fill it up with water. At least I got to enjoy the pool too!


Baby Beach Tent

Keep your little one in the shade with a large family tent, umbrella, or their own personal toddler sized beach tent!


Don’t forget a beach towel for your toddler! They may not do much relaxing on the beach but you will definitely need it to dry them off and to wipe off all of that sand! You can get a personalized beach towel for your toddler here!

Beach Toys

Bring along lots of beach toys so your baby can play in the sand! They may not be able to build a sandcastle yet but they will have so much fun filling their bucket with sand and making a huge mess!

Swim Diapers

You will need to dress your toddler in special swim diapers to keep them comfortable when they are playing in the water. Bring along a few extras and a pack of wipes in case you need to change them at the beach.


Bring along plenty of snacks and water to keep your toddler happy and hydrated on the beach! Goldfish, pouches, and snack bars are great options for your toddler to eat on the beach. I don’t know if anyone has ever been happier than a toddler on the beach enjoying snacks!

Change Of Clothes

By the end of your beach trip your little one will be a complete mess, covered in sand from head to toe. This means your trip was a success! Bring along an extra change of clothes and a plastic bag for the wet clothes. A poncho like this is an easy, comfortable option to change your toddler into when it’s time to leave the beach.

We had SO much fun on the beach with Artie this year! It was amazing to see how much more he could do compared to last year. On our last beach trip he could barely sit up on his own but this time Artie was splashing in the ocean and chasing the seagulls! I loved seeing the excitement on his face!

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