What To Pack In Your Toddler’s Diaper Bag

I was so proud of myself! I had mastered caring for an infant! Unfortunately as soon that happened my infant became a toddler. Along with that came completely different wants and needs which meant I had to restock my diaper bag! This list of what to pack in your toddler’s diaper bag will include ALL of the essentials you will need for an outing with your toddler. It won’t take long for you to realize you will need a little more than before!

You can find printable coloring pages for learning numbers and shapes here! Made for toddlers!

Before I get started on the essentials, I HAVE to explain how much I LOVE my JuJuBe diaper bag. I am SO glad I went with a backpack, it makes it so easy to carry, especially now that Artie is getting bigger.

I have been using it for a year and a half and I have ZERO complaints. It’s machine washable, so easy to pack, has insulated cup holders, includes a changing pad, and it’s also super cute! It comes in a ton of patterns and colors to fit any style!


The last things you want when you are out and about is a hungry toddler! I never leave the house without double checking my diaper bag for snacks!

These teething crackers are perfect for on the go, Artie can eat them on his own without making a mess. Pouches are also a great snack for toddlers on the go! Don’t forget juice or water in case your little one gets thirsty.

Diapers and Wipes

You never want to be caught at the wrong moment without diapers and wipes! Over the past year and a half I have tried a number of different brands and Pampers Pure has, by far, been my favorite brand for both!

They are unscented, hypoallergenic and I have NEVER had a blowout or ANY overnight leaking with Pampers Pure diapers! The Pampers Pure wipes are made with the same quality. They are 99% water and clean up any mess with just one or two wipes.

Plastic Bags

You can purchase plastic bags to keep in your diaper bag but I just bring along a few plastic grocery bags. I use these to wrap up a dirty diaper before throwing it in a public trashcan or to store wet or soiled clothes.


I always bring along a few distractions for Artie in case he gets antsy in his car seat or stroller. He loves this quiet book that has simple activities for toddlers.

Extra Outfits

If you have luck like me the one time you leave home without an extra outfit will be the one time you need it most! Always be prepared for a blowout or any mess a toddler could make, because they will every chance they get!

Hand Sanitizer

I like to keep hand sanitizer in my diaper bag in case I have to change a diaper on the go or touch anything that has germs that could spread to my toddler. I am even more conscientious of this during flu season.

First Aid

Your toddler will be much more active than they were during their first year, and along with that will come more bumps and bruises. Bring along a first aid kit, or at least the basics like Neosporin and Band-Aids. This compact first aid kit was created for diaper bags!

These are just the basics for every day outings but you may need additional items depending on the outing. Here you can find What To Pack For Dining Out With Your Toddler and What To Pack For The Pool With Your Toddler! Most important is to have fun with your toddler! This is such a fun age and I have loved watching Artie explore his new world!


Click here for printable toddler scavenger hunts!


















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