Why I Let My Toddler Watch TV

This is the one thing I do as a mom that I said I would never do. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under two years old should not watch television. No television at all. So what is the reason why I let my toddler watch TV?

During Artie’s first year, that was my plan and I was sure I would stick to it. As a person I am type B but as a mom I am definitely type A. It is amazing what becoming a parent can bring out in us! From his schedule to his diet, and everything in between, I am far from a laid back mom.

So you may wonder, why do I let my toddler watch TV if I said I never would?

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When I became a mom I LOVED the newborn baby snuggles, as all moms do! Throughout Artie’s first year I soaked up all of the snuggles I could get! Then Artie turned one.

He started walking and, overnight it seemed, those snuggles stopped. Once he took his first step Artie didn’t stop. He wanted to explore the world around him and it was so exciting for me to watch him develop.

Artie’s firsts have been one of the best, most rewarding parts of motherhood for me, but I have to admit there was a part of me that missed those snuggles!


Then one day, just to see how he responded, I sat Artie on my lap and turned on Sesame Street. He watched Elmo on the screen, fascinated by what he saw.

Within a few minutes Artie was snuggled up next to me and I could not have been happier. I remember this moment so clearly because I knew it was a moment I wanted to soak up! I loved having my baby boy cuddled on the couch with me!


Artie doesn’t watch TV all day… we go outside, we read, we play, but I will admit, occasionally I do let him watch TV. Sometimes Mama wants to snuggle and sometimes it’s just nice to have a break!

There are times when I feel a little guilty, like I’m not doing what is best for Artie. There is nothing quite like mom guilt. The fact is none of us are perfect.

Whether you let your toddler watch hours of TV or your little one doesn’t watch TV at all, all of us are doing the best we can. It is upsetting for me when I see moms judge each other.

We are all going through this together. Imagine how much easier this whole mom thing would be if we supported each other instead of breaking each other down!


Is there something you do as a mom that you said you never would? How do you feel about toddlers watching TV? Let me know in the comments!


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