Beach With Baby | A Baby Beach Packing List

Visiting the beach with your baby will go one of two ways… You will either have the time of your life, OR it will be a total nightmare.

The combination of sand, sun, and baby don’t necessarily mix, so it’s up to you to be prepared! Adding the following items to your baby beach packing list will help you and your baby have a great time on the beach!

We took Artie on his first trip to the beach this week and he had so much fun! This baby beach packing list will tell you everything you need to protect your baby from the sun and keep them cool, while having a great time on the beach!


Click here for a printable version of this list, including EVERYTHING you need to pack for visiting the beach with Baby!

1. Swimsuit

The easiest way to protect your little one from the sun is by keeping them covered. This rash guard swimsuit and this suit with 50 UPF sun protection are both great choices! They are also super cute so be sure to take lots of pictures!

2. Tent/Umbrella

Your baby’s skin is extremely sensitive to the sun so take every measure possible to protect them from sun burn. You will definitely need something that blocks the sun on your baby beach packing list. Keep your baby in the shade under a beach tent or umbrella!

happy baby sitting in the sand on the beach


3. Sunscreen

It is SO important that you cover your baby with sunscreen and reapply frequently while visiting the beach! Sunscreen is a must have on your baby beach packing list. I love this tear free, mineral-based sunscreen, it’s so easy to apply!

4. Hat

Keep your baby’s sensitive scalp and face shielded from the sun with this hat made with UPF 50+ fabric.

5. Baby Bath Tub/Pool

This is one of the items that made the biggest difference for our baby at the beach! Artie had so much fun splashing in his tub while we relaxed!

Bring a baby bath tub or pool for your little one to sit in and stay cool. We brought a tub like this for Artie to play in and it kept him happy and comfortable so we could enjoy our time at the beach!

This tub is inflatable which makes it more compact for easy packing when visiting the beach with your little one!

Small pools, like this, are great for older babies or toddlers but a tub provides support for those who are still learning to sit up on their own. Always watch your baby when they are in the water, no matter how deep or shallow!

baby playing with his beach toys


6. Baby Canopy

We received this canopy as a gift and Artie had a great time playing in it on the beach! It kept him out of the sun and was the perfect place to put him once we got all of the sand washed off!

There are so many different styles and options to choose from!  There are mini tents like this, so your baby can have their own personal area to play, or even tents that include baby pools that can be dug into the sand! Choose one that will keep your baby out of the sun while he plays on the beach!

7. Toys

Your baby can play with these bath toys in his tub, on his towel, or under his canopy. There will be a lot of new things to see and do at the beach but it’s always smart to bring a few toys to keep your little one occupied!

baby playing in water with toys on the beach


8. Swim Diapers

If your baby will be in the water you will need special diapers made for swimming. Artie stayed comfortable all day in his Pampers Splashers! Bring a few extras and wipes in case you need to change your baby on the beach.

9. Food

If you will be out on the beach for a while be sure to pack any food or formula your baby will need. These pouches are perfect for a convenient snack for your baby at the beach!

10. Towel 

Bring along a hooded beach towel and change of clothes for a dry, comfy baby on the beach! I pack a plastic bag for Artie’s wet clothes.

I hope your family has as much fun as we did on your baby’s first beach trip! This baby beach packing list will ensure you have a happy baby on the beach!

Click here to find a COMPLETE packing list for the beach with baby!

baby beach packing list printable








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