Easter Basket Ideas For Toddlers

Filling an Easter basket for our toddlers is SO much fun! I can’t wait to see the look on my son’s face this year when he wakes up to his basket from the Easter bunny! He is two this year so he is starting to understand the holidays more than he did before. I want to fill his basket with items he will love, but also need to keep choking hazards in mind. These are great Easter basket ideas for toddlers that your little one will love!


You can find printable coloring pages for learning numbers and shapes here! Made for toddlers!


My son LOVES books. He loves to be read to and he loves to flip through the pages on his own. These Easter and Spring themed books are perfect for filling a toddler Easter basket!




Every toddler loves stickers! You are sure to get a big smile when your toddler sees these Easter stickers in their Easter basket. Stickers can also be great rewards for toddlers who are potty training! Just don’t make the same mistake as me and let them stay on the windows too long…


Pre-filled Easter Eggs

There are so many types of pre-filled Easter eggs to choose from! These are filled with cars and dinosaurs!


Sippy Cup

A toddler can never have too many sippy cups! These spring colored cups will fit perfectly into your toddler’s Ester basket!



I’m not big on giving my son candy, but it IS the holidays right? Nothing makes his face light up quite like a Reese’s cup so I will make an exception every now and then. Anything to make my little man smile! This Easter assortment includes all of your favorites with plenty left over for the adults!


Finger Puppets

Your toddler will have a blast playing with these Easter themed finger puppets!


Bathtub Crayons

At our house bathtime always means fun so I will definitely be including these bathtub crayons in my son’s Easter basket! He has so much fun drawing all over his tub and the clean up afterward could not be easier, it simply wipes off with a wet towel, leaving no marks behind!


Coloring Book

Your little one can create their own masterpieces with this Easter coloring book. Don’t forget crayons!


Easter Egg Musical Shakers

Fill your toddler’s Easter basket with Easter egg shakers and they will make music all day long!


Stuffed Bunny

Your little one will love snuggling up with this adorable stuffed bunny after a long day of Easter celebrations!


Click here for printable toddler scavenger hunts!

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