Scavenger Hunts For Toddlers!

Lately I have been running out of ways to entertain my two year old son at home. When you are stuck at home it can be challenging to find new ways for your toddler to learn. I remind myself over and over again how important it is to keep him engaged because he is developing so much right now. As I racked through my brain and came up with nothing, I got a little inspiration straight from my little man himself.

I watched him pick up a crumpled coloring page, one we had colored together weeks ago. I heard him exclaim “treasure map!” and then watched him wander around our house looking for the treasure! I couldn’t believe how long this crumpled piece of paper kept him entertained! That’s when I got the idea to create these scavenger hunts for toddlers!

You can find the printable toddler scavenger hunts I have created below, or create your own! Scavenger hunts are a great way to have fun with your toddler while also expanding their vocabulary!

scavenger hunt for toddlers, toddler scavenger hunt printable









Scavenger Hunt For Toddlers


scavenger hunts for toddlers, indoor scavenger hunt for two year olds









Indoor Scavenger Hunt For Two Year Olds!


outdoor toddler scavenger hunts for two year olds



Outdoor Scavenger Hunt For Two Year Olds!



There are so many benefits to scavenger hunts for toddlers. Not only are they a fun, indoor activity but they are also a great way to learn! Use the scavenger hunts above to teach your toddler shapes, numbers, colors, and new words! Have fun with your toddler scavenger hunts!



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scavenger hunts for toddlers